Beautifully Designed Geek Websites

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog or website? Sure, it’s not like we need another geek website out there, with all the sites we already can’t cover on a daily basis. Still, having your own blog, which features the things you are passionate about is something that can be an outlet for […]

Abandoned Walmart Converted to Award-Winning Library

This is what happens when people decide to go beyond loss, and do something productive. In a Texas town, Walmart shut down a humongous branch and left it for dead. While that may not be a novel thing, what used to be Walmart’s home in that area is nothing to scoff at. As they say, […]

Classic Comic Books Look Stunning as Stained Glass

Comic books are tremendous, classic comic books even more so.  Comics still hold a soft spot in the hearts of many with films featuring comic book characters released seemingly every month, the recent conclusion of another Comic-Con, and new methods for sparking comic cravings.  The books themselves (the good ones) are works of art, with […]

A LEGO Lord of the Rings’ The Dark Tower Larger than Frodo Baggins

Adult fascination with LEGOs never seems to die.  We’ve profiled the creation of a massive LEGO “Garrison of Moriah” by a Star Wars fan and the construction of an equally large LEGO replica of the “Love Boat” by a fan of the television show with the same name.  Now a fan of The Lord of […]

The Love Boat in Legos. Love, exciting and new

People are infatuated with Legos.  After recently profiling a man’s 250,000-brick Lego “Garrison of Moriah,” another man, Ryan McNaught, The Brickman, has created his own 250,000 brick behemoth, a replica of The Love Boat.

Man creates stunning 250,000-Brick Lego ‘Garrison of Moriah’

Legos, provided you can find the little bricks needed to complete a project, provide hours of fun. Whether it’s building a pirate ship, a national landmark, or simply free-form design, Legos are simply a joy, for children.

Pac-Man-Like iPhone Case and More

Your iPhone is only as good as its case – NOT! But you have to admit that having a sturdy case to protect that treasured device of yours is an important thing. After all, dropping your phone (accidentally, of course) is probably one of your worst nightmares. Then again, iPhone cases can be found and […]

Shoot and play songs with the Harmonica Pistol

As a lover of music and a denizen of a state in support of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment allowing for the right to bear arms, the Harmonica Pistol is a fascinating, albeit disturbing, combination of the two.  Unfortunately for players of the harmonica, the musical aspect in the firearm’s name is a bit of […]

Stunning, massive, Transformer characters made from scrapmetal

Transformers toys and the cartoon were some of my favorite things.  I was infatuated with Optimus Prime and other “good” Transformers, along with the “evil” Decepticons.

Blimpus. Create your own super inflatable character

Who doesn’t love inflatable characters?  They’re odd looking, artistic, and just plain fun.  What’s better?  Creating your very own, custom-designed one!