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Dr. Seuss Does Geek Art

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” ― Dr. Seuss Nonsense he may like, Dr. Seuss’s statement totally makes sense, doesn’t it? While he has explicitly stated that he doesn’t really like kids – he didn’t have kids – his books have taught countless kids to […]

When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

Fairy tales always have happy endings, with good little girls doing what they’re supposed to do but occasionally diverging from the right path. And that’s where the story gets interesting. But in the end, they always get the happy forever afters. Or not. Marilen Adrover AKA TeeLamb on deviantART has shown us just how things […]

10 X-Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Many of you have probably seen the latest X-Men flick by now, and you might be left wanting – for more X-Men goodness. What we’ve got for you today is more than X-Men goodness, though. It’s all about crossing universes, franchises, and whatnot, tapping into the creative minds of our generation. So we present to […]

These Superhero Hoodies Will Make You a Hoodie Convert

Deviant Artist seventhirtytwo seems to have a thing for hoodies, and lots of spare time to make concept art as well. He has some superhero hoodies that will make you want to wear a hoodie even if you live in the tropics in the height of summer. And, even if you are not normally a hoodie […]

Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald: 20 Pieces of Fan Art

Finally! Doctor Who is back after what felt like an interminable break. Even though she's only been in two episodes so far, Jenna Louise-Coleman's Clara Oswald has already won the hearts of many a viewer. Take a look at these 20 stunning pieces of fan art to whet your appetite for

Inhuman Anatomy: A Closer Look at Cartoon Characters

A much closer look. The kind of look that you cannot undo. The kind that you might want to punch me in the face for showcasing these images. But hey, don’t go around blaming me and calling me the ruiner of your childhood. I’m merely sharing the work of artist Alessandro Conti, whose curiosity and […]

Meet the Samurai X-Men

Have you ever imagined what the X-Men would look like if they were samurai warriors? Maybe not, but there is merit in doing so. And, if you like the X-Men and think that the ancient samurais kicked ass, then the Samurai X-Men art set by deviantART user genesischant will delight you. He describes himself as […]

Lord of the Rings Stained Glass Style Art

There are days when everything just doesn’t seem to go easily. I suppose we all go through those off days, and there’s not much we can do but ride it out. Today seems to be one of those days for me, but am I grateful that I came across a gallery on deviantART that quickly […]

Movie Posters, If Video Games Were Movies

Video games will always have haters, those who think they incite violence and all sorts of other negative reactions in those who play them regularly. However, we can go beyond that and simply enjoy what our favorite video games have to offer, can’t we? And when it comes to video game enthusiasts, the fun does […]

Amazing Geeky Papercraft

Got nimble fingers that can fold, cut, and shape a simple sheet of paper into something that will make people go “Wow!”? I sure don’t, but that does not mean I cannot appreciate the art of papercraft, which I seem to be seeing a lot these days. Just very recently, I shared what is being […]

Skyrim Monopoly: The Only Monopoly Board You’ll Want This Week!

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Gamers all over the world were bound to their chairs waiting for the video game to be released, and when it finally came out, those very gamers either went silent online (presumably glued to their HDTVs) or flooded their friends’ walls and Twitter streams with Skyrim-related posts. It […]

When Batman Meets Dr. Seuss

Mashups are almost always fun, aren’t they? As you may very well know, we at ForeverGeek have a thing for mashups. At least the ones that are awesomely done. And speaking of awesome, I just discovered a Deviant Artist who goes by name DrFaustusAU. This guy is doing his fellow Aussies proud with his artwork, […]

The Dark Side of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mean many things to different people, but I do know that while I was growing up, most of my classmates were always talking about “people” like Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael. Growing up in a household where TV was a no-no, I simply thought that they were talking about the […]

Gears of War 3 Fan Art Contest Winners

One of my favorite websites, DeviantArt, recently held a contest themed around Gears of War 3, and gave away over $35,000 worth of prizes. Click through to see the top winning entries for yourself — they’re stunning.

Fallout Monopoly

Monopoly. Who has not spent hours and hours manipulating his way around this classic board game? I know my sister and I have had one serious spat too many while playing the game as children and young adults. There is just something about the entire experience that brings out the competitive edge in people I […]

How Star Wars Characters Look in Vectors

So did you like the “surprise” that Lucasfilm had in store for the legions of Star Wars fans all over the world? I don’t know about you, but it seemed that it was a disappointment to some people. While everyone is looking forward to the Blu-Ray set, September the 16th is still a far way […]

Super Mario RPG World Map

Are you bored with your current wallpaper? Or maybe you’re looking for a piece of art that you want to print out and hang in your bedroom wall. If you’re a Super Mario fan, specifically a Super Mario RPG fan, I just might have something for you to consider. DeviantArtist ihateyouare ((DeviantArt page)) has created […]

These Fantasy Horns Will Blow You Away

I don’t know about you, but I need a fantasy fix. I haven’t even had the time to read latest Wheel of Time book! Yeah, I am a slacker. But anyway, here is something that took care of my yearning for some fantasy. It’s not text, but these photos are seriously going to take your […]

Inception Fans Express Their Love

My love for Inception is well documented, as is my proclivity for all things LEGO. Not that I needed an excuse to post another article about both, but this fan-made LEGO construction is too good not to share. Most impressive is the way the builder scaled his work to create a sense of size and […]