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The 10 Things We Know About the PlayStation 4

The biggest news at Sony’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling event might have been what they didn’t reveal. No look at the console itself. No pricing. But here are the ten big things we did learn.

Why I Am Not Playing Diablo 3 – Yet

The Internet as I know it has been quiet the past few days. I am not even considering any other reason. There’s only one. The much awaited Diablo 3. For someone who is not a hardcore gamer but can spend days on end playing a game (albeit very sporadically), I am actually surprised that I […]

All of the VGA Trailers

A brand new IP from the makers of Uncharted! A gigantic new look at Mass Effect 3! The next big thing from the people behind Gears of War! The new face of modern terrorism! And loads more — over a dozen trailers in all, fresh from Saturday night’s VGAs.