How to Get Someone Into Comics

As popular as superheroes are, the fact is that a lot of people are limited to t-shirts and TV shows. Not everyone actually reads comics, much less go out of their way to buy them. As someone who has only recently started reading comics, I have had some experience in being “convinced” to give them […]

Batman: The Long Halloween Kindle Edition Only at $5.99!

If you’ve got your holiday money ready to be spent, and you just can’t get enough of Batman, then here’s an Amazon deal you won’t want to miss: Batman: The Long Halloween Kindle Edition is on sale for only $5.99. Compare that to the original price of $24.99, and you really won’t have to think […]

Inspiring Loyalty?

There’s providing a service, and then there is gouging. Cover price has long been a point of contention within the comics industry, never more so on the advent of the digital market. Comic stores felt threatened (rightly so) and after much discussion, a policy was hammered out that ensured that the local physical stores did […]

What’s a store to do?

On Saturday at San Diego Comicon, a panel gathered to discuss the effects of the digital market on the comics industry. It is amazing that in one breath a statement can be made that is both abhorrent to long time devotees of the medium yet is perfect common sense at the same time. As a […]

Tales Of Their Death May Be Greatly Exaggerated

So now we have it. DC have announced their plans for September, and yes, we can expect a universe wide reboot, with a staggering (and wallet busting) FIFTY-TWO first issues to be relased that month. That of course is not withstanding their plans for same-day digital release of comics. Now, as a reader, I find […]

The Ritual of the Pull List

My boyfriend and I recently took our relationship to the next level. We established a pull list together at our local comic book shop. Let me tell you, it was a joyous occasion. This came after significant searching for “our shop” – that one magical place with all the right elements to draw us in […]

Why I haven’t given up on comics

My fellow blogger on this site, Robin has yesterday written a post on why he has given up on comics. Many of the points he makes are very valid, they are all objections to the state of the market that I have felt myself, both as a comic shop manager in what some people call […]

State of the Multiverse 43

In this new age of technology, surely those of us who wish to dispense with paper, or even just make room for an expanding family, deserve an alternative. Especially one that doesn’t break the bank, or criminalise someone.

State of the Multiverse 41

Are we suffering from Big Event overload however? Image United seems to avoid all of the pitfalls, being self-contained. And is it possible DC have taken the hint?