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5 DIY Comic Book Costumes

You’re almost out of time! You might be able to get one-day shipping from Amazon or whatever online costume store you prefer, but you’ll definitely have a difficult experience if you have to go to the mall for a Halloween costume. Then again, there might be a way that you can DIY into things. I […]

The Totoro Baby Bouncer Will Calm Your Baby Like Nothing Else

Anyone who has watched My Neighbor Totoro will know just how cute the ginormous creature is. No matter how huge he is, he is adorable and brings happiness to children – and adults, too. Of course, it helps that the animated movie has Hayao Miyazaki behind it. So it’s not surprise that blogger Cation Designs […]

Make Your Own Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun

The Gatling Gun is a classic weapon, the forerunner of the machine gun as we know it today. Of course, we’re not endorsing violence here, but there’s something about toy guns that give you satisfaction without actually hurting anyone. Ask the makers of NERF guns. Now what if you could make your own Gatling Gun, […]

Make a DIY 3D Printer From Old Inkjet Printer Parts

3D printing is all the rage these days, and it has gone so far that you almost anyone can buy his own 3D printer. If you’re in the market for one, Tom’s Guide has a handy reference on the best 3D printers in the market, with prices ranging from $349 to $2,899. Then there is […]

DIY Weekend: Make a LEGO Key and Cable Holder

Do something useful this weekend. No, MAKE something useful. Nothing more needs to be said, but if you’re the real deal, then you’ll have this setup before the weekend ends. Learn how to make a LEGO key and cable holder here. For more LEGO fun: Action Bill vs ShatnerBot – LEGO Stop Motion Fun! 16 […]

Open Source Brain-Computer Interface for the Masses

Mankind has always been intrigued by complexities of the brain, trying to emulate the god’s code. Since the inception of tools for reading brainwaves using EEG, the craze for brain computer interfaces (BCIs) has escalated. There have been many BCI applications that we have seen in the recent times, trying to actuate a physical object […]

Make Your Own Dragon Chest From Game of Thrones

What do you do when you have a consuming passion for Game of Thrones and lots of idle time? Build a replica of the dragon chest (well technically, dragon eggs) that Daenerys Targaryen herself used to store her babies when they were but petrified eggs. Kudos to Eric Hart, who’s cemented his geek cred with […]

Crocheted Doctor Who Dolls – All 11 of Them!

I have never been into crocheting, and I considered Home Economics classes as the most horrific times of my grade school/high school days. Well, at least those that involved needles, hooks, thread, and bolts of cloth. I have to admit, however, that these crocheted Doctor Who dolls are enough – almost enough – to make […]

This TARDIS Bookshelf Will Take You Places

Did you receive what you wanted for Christmas? Not to sow dissatisfaction among you, but I have a feeling that many gifts would pale in comparison to this handmade TARDIS bookshelf. Whovians who love to read (believe it or not, those two may actually be mutually exclusive) would definitely want to have their own time […]

Barbie Make Over: Make Her a Weeping Angel!

Who’s up-to-date with Doctor Who? I am, unfortunately, very behind on the series, but I am not fretting about it because I know that when I start watching, I will not be able to stop at one episode. On the fortunate side, I haven’t been exposed to spoilers, so it’s all good. I am probably […]

Get Your Geek On and Help the Planet by Repurposing Old Ink Cartridges

Repurpose seems to be the cool word to use these days. Recycling is good. Reusing is better. But repurposing seems to have a stronger connotation. Then again, that could just be me. Whatever word you want to use to describe what has been done to these ink cartridges doesn’t matter. At the end of the […]

Put the “Good” in “Good Morning” With This NES Toaster

There’s a reason I usually mumble “G’morning” upon waking up and encountering people while I am still on my first cup of coffee. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t want to untruthful either. Even the thought of a nice breakfast is not enough to make me all perky and cheerful in the […]

DIY TARDIS Closet for Kids of All Ages

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is now open for the public, in case you are near the area, or you can afford to travel the world for it. If you’re a hardcore Whovian, you might as well save up for it. If you just can’t afford to set aside that much money to travel […]

Cylon Raider Papercraft

It’s about time for me to continue re-watching Battlestar Galactica, but with so many other TV series to finish, I have not found the time to squeeze it in. How many times have you watched what might very well be the best sci-fi TV series? If you are looking for something to whet your Battlestar […]

DIY Wedding Ring Made of Meteorite

Guys, if you want to avoid any sense of dissatisfaction when the time comes for you to pick out a wedding ring, I suggest not showing this post to your partner. Whether it’s because of characters such as Superman or because of some other reason, we do have a fascination for meteorites. Now and then, […]

The Tricorder Project

Star Trek‘s tricorder has mesmerized many a fan. Even those who are not die hard fans will probably admit that having a real-life tricorder would be cool. We do know, however, that tricorders are for real already. Maybe not exactly like the ones in Star Trek, but they’re here. Ever heard of Dr. Peter Jansen? […]

The Free Universal Construction Kit Connects Toys

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. That leaves a whole lot of things open for interpretation, but one thing I know for sure is that if you like toys like LEGO, Duplo, and Fischertechnik, it does not matter what your gender is. While certain toys may be designed for specific ages, some […]

I Want These Geeky Tissue Boxes

I have this thing for tissue paper. I don’t know when it started, but for as long as I can remember, I always have to have tissue around. There is always a pack of travel tissue in my bag. I like having a box or two of tissues lying around the house. There are always […]

This Volkswagen Camper Sidecar Will Make You Envious

I have always been enamored by the looks of Volkswagen cars, in particular the old Beetle and the Volkswagen Camper. I do know that if I get a carin the near future, I will try to get my hands on the classic Beetle. The Camper, as much as I love the idea, is simply too […]

DIY Retro Star Wars Dress

What was the last thing that you made using your hands? And I don’t mean coding. While you do use your hands to type, that doesn’t exactly count in this case! This gal from Los Angeles, California impressed me with her sewing skills, if only because the only time I tried making a dress in […]