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New ‘Dishonored’ DLC Continues the Story (Sort of)

Players of Dishonored — probably my favorite game of 2012 — may remember an assassin named Daud, a character who made a strong impression and wielded the same supernatural abilities as the heroic Corvo. Now Daud’s starring in his own DLC episode and looking for redemption.

Dishonored Getting 3 DLC Packs

One of my favorite games of the year, Dishonored, is getting at least three add-on packs over the coming months. Here’s what we know.

BioWare Will NOT Change Mass Effect 3’s Ending

BioWare is standing behind the controversial (some say “convoluted”) ending to its blockbuster Mass Effect trilogy, refusing to change it, despite the pleading and demanding of its fans. But they are going to release an “Extended Cut” DLC that expands on the ending.

What Do You Think of DLC Subscriptions?

Love it or hate it, DLC is the new normal in the world of video games. You pay $50-$60 for your boxed game disc, and then the publisher expects you to shell out around $10 (or more) extra to download additional multiplayer maps or entire episodes of solo play. But is it fair?

DCUO Gets its Green Lantern On

Sony Online Entertainment has been updating DC Universe Online with character-based and seasonal missions since it was first launched in January. (See our extensive review here.) These updates have been fun but left very little impact on the game’s online world. That’s set to change this Summer with the release of “Fight for the Light,” […]

Jane's Addiction finally getting RB DLC release

I just bought all of the Rock Band DLCs a little over a month ago and at this point I’m not even halfway through the songs because i keep going back to the songs that I love playing — which is surprisingly a lot. But despite being up to my eyeballs in Rock Band DLCs […]

Killzone 2 map packs aimed for April 30 release

The first downloadable content for the Playstation exclusive hit Killzone 2 si coming out in a couple of weeks. Guerrilla Games anounced that two new downloadable map packs will be made available on the Playstation Network on April 30. The new maps will be called Steel and Titanium. The first map is located on board […]

Second Fable 2 DLC slated for May

Fable II fans will have something to look forward to this May. Lionhead Studios has announced that the second add-on for the hit RPG Fable II. The new add-on will be entitled See The Future and will be made availalbeo on Xbox Live this May. The equivalent dollar cost for the add-on is $7 (or […]