San Diego Comic-Con 2015: the Biggest Moments in Movies and TV

SDCC 2015 - Batman v Superman armor

It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in a single post with mere words. As it’s always been, you have to be there to fully understand what it’s all about and how it affects a person. No matter what you go to San Diego Comic-Con for, what you get is almost always not […]

Geeky Bow Tie Giveaway – the Doctor Approves

Bow ties are cool

Bow ties are cool. Never doubted that for one minute after hearing – seeing? – the 11th. If you’re not particularly keen on the 11th Doctor (c’mon now), check these out. You’ll probably change your mind. And even when he was saying goodbye…(tears) As sad as that goodbye may have been, get that chin up. […]

Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con with John Barrowman and our Cosplay Gallery!

Amazing Las Vegas 2015 - John Barrowman

Where do you go in Las Vegas in June when the temperatures reach a scorching 111 degrees Fahrenheit during the day? You head to the cool comfort of a convention center floor at the South Point Casino & Spa for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con! Okay, maybe you didn’t, but I sure did. It was […]

Fandom Friday: Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014


While most people look forward to Christmas Day because of gifts and feasting, Doctor Who fans are on the edge of their seats because of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Since the franchise was revived in 2005, December 25 has taken on a different meaning for devoted Doctor Who fans. This year, Doctor Who Christmas […]

Why Peter Capaldi Is a Brilliant Doctor

Peter capaldi brilliant doctor

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. When the identity of the 12th Doctor was revealed last year, there were mixed reactions from fans. The divide between “real” Doctor Who fans and “bandwagoneers” was highlighted, with some of the former turning their noses down on those who complained about Peter Capaldi being too old, among other things. On the […]

Hugos Award Doctor Who & Moon


The Hugo Awards for the year’s best in science fiction were handed out over the weekend at Aussiecon 4 in Australia. The Hugo Awards celebrate the best science fiction writing, art, film, and television, and though they’re based entirely on fan voting, the Hugos are considered one of the most prestigious awards in all of […]