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Fandom Friday: Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

While most people look forward to Christmas Day because of gifts and feasting, Doctor Who fans are on the edge of their seats because of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Since the franchise was revived in 2005, December 25 has taken on a different meaning for devoted Doctor Who fans. This year, Doctor Who Christmas […]

Why Peter Capaldi Is a Brilliant Doctor

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. When the identity of the 12th Doctor was revealed last year, there were mixed reactions from fans. The divide between “real” Doctor Who fans and “bandwagoneers” was highlighted, with some of the former turning their noses down on those who complained about Peter Capaldi being too old, among other things. On the […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special Spotted In BBC Holiday Promo [Video]

The New Doctor Who Christmas Special looks awesome…Okay I’m not really sure if it looks awesome, since the new BBC fall and winter promo video only shows about 3 seconds of the special…but since it’s Doctor Who I’m going to make the claim that it’s awesome and if you don’t like that…tough. Watch the promo […]

Nintendo Wii Gets Sonic Screwdriver, Sculpted Remote Isn't Cheap Knockoff

Doctor Who is officially coming to the Nintendo Wii and what better way would there be to play the game than with a sonic screwdriver, the very same device carried by the Doctor in the BBC t.v. series. I for one have a problem with many Wiicessories that are made of crappy plastics or in […]

Hugos Award Doctor Who & Moon

The Hugo Awards for the year’s best in science fiction were handed out over the weekend at Aussiecon 4 in Australia. The Hugo Awards celebrate the best science fiction writing, art, film, and television, and though they’re based entirely on fan voting, the Hugos are considered one of the most prestigious awards in all of […]

New Season Of 'Doctor Who' Being Split Into Two

Steven Moffat recently revealed at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that the next season of Doctor Who is going to be split in two. The 13-episode season will features 7-episodes in the spring and 6-episodes in the fall. According to io9, Moffat said the split would be between two distinct stories with no annoying cliffhanger […]

1996 Doctor Who Movie Is Finally Arriving On DVD In America

Normally it wouldn’t take 14 years for a popular British TV movie to find it’s way stateside, but that’s exactly what happened with the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie on DVD when a rights dispute occurred between BBC, Fox and Universal Pictures, a rights battle that has finally come to an end. The TV movie […]

Doctor Who #10: David Tennant gets the stuffed toy treatment

You know you’ve been a hit when you get made into a stuffed toy, right? Well, possibly. Regardless, there’s little doubt in the minds of most Doctor Who fans (particularly younger ones) that David Tennant has been one of the most popular Time Lords in the history of the cult sci-fi show. Now, he’s been […]