7 Things that Are Bigger on the Inside

Whether through magic, science, or pure imagination, many of our favorite storytellers love to create things with small exteriors that are disproportionately huge inside. Here are ten things from movies, TV, and literature that are “bigger on the inside.”

5 Frozen Mashups You’ll Never Let Go Of

You don’t have to pretend that you only sing Disney songs when a child is in your immediate vicinity, you know. Disney’s Frozen isn’t something we’re ready to let go of yet. Apparently the rest of the world agrees since Frozen has recently moved past The Dark Knight Rises in the all-time worldwide box office! The only reason why most […]

Calling All Whovians! Doctor Who LEGO Needs Your Votes.

Lego Cuusoo has already created Lego versions of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, but this time they’re turning to our favorite Time Lords. Out of all the Doctor Who Lego concepts submitted, this one by video game designer Andrew Clark shows the most promise. He designed a 530-piece set that would have a TARDIS, a […]

Sonic Screwdriver Storage For The Doctor On The Go!

Having multiple sonic screwdrivers can pose a problem. There’s only so many pockets you can place them in! For the Doctor who has everything, it’s only right that you get him a cool place to store it all. This cool sonic screwdriver storage was made by 00failure over at The RPF. Doctor Who fans, I know you’d […]

Dogtor Who Barks Up The Right Tree

That pun must have hurt to read, but hey, it was impossible to resist. Artist tee-kyrin mashed up Doctor Who with our furry friends and came up with ‘Dogtor Who’, a series of portraits of all Doctors as dogs. We love how each breed captured every actor’s unique take on our favorite Time Lords. Via

Pop Culture Popsicles Bring Frozen Fun!

Super cool illustrator Andrew Heath took our favorite pop culture characters from TV shows, movies, and video games and turned them into colorful popsicles. We love how his ‘Pop Culture Popsicles’ series turns the likes of Walter White  and Ron Swanson into frozen delights. Andrew says he’ll be making 50 prints and selling them at the 2014 Lexington […]

5 Gift Ideas For Geeky Board Games!

It’s pretty hard to buy gifts for geeks. They most likely already have shelves of merchandise or rooms filled with memorabilia. So what do you get the geek that has it all? Aside from gifting them a person to share their geekiness with (we kid, we kid), you can never go wrong with geeky board […]

Dreamcatchers Go Geeky!

Nightmares and bad dreams can haunt even the bravest of warriors. To ward away the night terrors, these geeky dreamcatchers provide your best defense! Etsy user Stars, Spikes, and Madness took these classic icons and mixed in some of our pop culture favorites. Each center section of the dreamcatchers has carved pieces of leather that were […]

10 Characters You Never Knew Were Time Lords

There’s something so iconic about Doctor Who‘s race of Time Lords, that either knowingly or not, countless storytellers have embedded Time Lord qualities into their characters. Today, there are secret Time Lords hiding throughout literature and film — you need only look a little closer to see them for what they really are. Don’t believe […]

Travel Through Time With Your TARDIS Backpack

Now this is something we’re instantly placing on our gotta-have-it list. This snazzy Tardis Backpack Doctor Who by MadBoyWithBox isn’t just cool, it looks pretty practical to lug around too! You can use it as a backpack or a purse. He sells it on Etsy alongside a purse/bag version. Whovians of all ages would definitely love to have it. […]