Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Lego Tribute

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Doctor Who, and when the 50th anniversary of the TV show came up, the passion just reached its heights. That’s done and over with, but the Doctor Who fever is still on. At least for us Whovians, right? So here’s a little something that […]

7 Geeky Snacks You’ll Want to Eat All Day

Snacking is not good for you. It will ruin your appetite for the real, nutritious meal. That’s what parents say. But hey, I assume you’re old enough to make your own calls, and snacking really isn’t always bad – as long as it’s done in moderation, right? Then again, I have to say outright that […]

Top 5 Doctor Who Villains

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Dennis, who works for and as such has become somewhat of a collector of figurines and comics. Having watched Doctor Who avidly since its reboot, he’s anxiously waiting Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor. Check out Dennis’ Tumblr here. (Sorry it’s a bit DC orientated, but gotta love […]

Doctor Who Merchandise: Wear It Loud and Proud!

Also USE. There is no lack of Doctor Who merchandise online and offline, and you can find anything from t-shirts to home stuff to bathrobes to bags. Just looking for Doctor Who items makes me dizzy because of all the choices. You’re probably experiencing the same thing, so I’ve done a bit of legwork for […]

Doctor Who and Supernatural Fans, We’ve Got a Giveaway for You!

Doctor Who and Supernatural fans, this week’s giveaway is for you. We’ve partnered up with Evangelina’s Closet, an online shop featuring all sorts of geeky items – from keychains to tees to underwear to tote bags. Whatever fandom you may belong to, you’re sure to find something that will prod you to make an excited […]

If Disney Made a Doctor Who Movie

If Disney were to make a Doctor Who movie, this is what the movie poster announcement would look like. Thanks to the creative brain of artist Stephen Byrne, we get a glimpse at what could be Doctor Who Disney. I love the tagline, “She wished for a prince. She got thirteen.” Couldn’t get any better, […]

Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show

It’s the Doctor Who parody video that you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe not, but… Whether you have indeed been on the lookout for the Doctor Who parody video or not, this might just be the best 7 minutes and 15 seconds of your Monday. From the video description: It’s the DOCTOR WHO musical parody […]

7 Things that Are Bigger on the Inside

Whether through magic, science, or pure imagination, many of our favorite storytellers love to create things with small exteriors that are disproportionately huge inside. Here are ten things from movies, TV, and literature that are “bigger on the inside.”

5 Frozen Mashups You’ll Never Let Go Of (+1!)

You don’t have to pretend that you only sing Disney songs when a child is in your immediate vicinity, you know. Disney’s Frozen isn’t something we’re ready to let go of yet. Apparently the rest of the world agrees since Frozen has recently moved past The Dark Knight Rises in the all-time worldwide box office! The only reason why most […]

Calling All Whovians! Doctor Who LEGO Needs Your Votes.

Lego Cuusoo has already created Lego versions of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, but this time they’re turning to our favorite Time Lords. Out of all the Doctor Who Lego concepts submitted, this one by video game designer Andrew Clark shows the most promise. He designed a 530-piece set that would have a TARDIS, a […]