The Art Of The Franchise Crossover

While there is little on this week’s shipping list that fills me with enthusiasm, this is by far made up for with the news that IDW are releasing another of their franchise crossovers. As a science fiction fan since a small child, then this is a landmark event. What are the two biggest names in […]

Write And Squire

I’m not sure about Knight & Squire. After reading the review from Newsarama, and how the writer Paul Cornell is ‘clearly reveling in the Britishness of it all’, my enthusiasm waned slightly. I had been really looking forward to this series but as for ‘reveling’, well, as a British guy I rather found the opening […]

1996 Doctor Who Movie Is Finally Arriving On DVD In America

Normally it wouldn’t take 14 years for a popular British TV movie to find it’s way stateside, but that’s exactly what happened with the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie on DVD when a rights dispute occurred between BBC, Fox and Universal Pictures, a rights battle that has finally come to an end. The TV movie […]

Stay Clean With Dr. Who Bath Soap

Nothing screams “I’m a geek” more quickly than placing a bar of soap in your bathtub that’s shaped like the TARDIS from the popular sci-fi show Dr. Who. That statement holds especially true when the bar of soap is just so darn close in appearance to the actual TARDIS. Available at Geeky Clean for just […]