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Fandom Friday: Valentine’s Gifts for Dragon Lovers

Dragons are part of many a fandom, and it just doesn’t seem right not to have an exclusive post for these magnificent creatures. So okay, I am more than a hundred percent biased. I love dragons like nothing else. If there is a dragon lover in your life, then on Valentine’s Day (or any other […]

Make Your Own Dragon Chest From Game of Thrones

What do you do when you have a consuming passion for Game of Thrones and lots of idle time? Build a replica of the dragon chest (well technically, dragon eggs) that Daenerys Targaryen herself used to store her babies when they were but petrified eggs. Kudos to Eric Hart, who’s cemented his geek cred with […]

Geeky Wall Murals to Spruce Up Your Room

Moving houses has always been am irritant for me. I hate packing. I can’t do it for crap, really. One thing that does excite me about the whole thing is the furniture shopping and decorating. While my taste has been found questionable by friends and family, so far, nothing has been able to stop me […]

Alduin the World Eater Dragon Cake Is the Best Cake in the World

This woman has got to be the most awesome mom in the world! She manages the blog Baking Obsession, and from the little I have seen, she really is obsessed. Lucky for her son, who asked to have Alduin the Dragon from Skyrim as his birthday cake. Now if I were the mom, I would […]

Amazing Geeky Papercraft

Got nimble fingers that can fold, cut, and shape a simple sheet of paper into something that will make people go “Wow!”? I sure don’t, but that does not mean I cannot appreciate the art of papercraft, which I seem to be seeing a lot these days. Just very recently, I shared what is being […]

Firestorm the Firebreathing LEGO Dragon

I have always been attracted to LEGO creations (who hasn’t?), but I have never been one to spend hours playing with LEGO bricks. Neither do I go out of my way to examine LEGO creations unless they totally stand out; and boy, does this LEGO dragon stand out! Created by akama1_lego ((akama1_lego on Flickr)), the […]