Will You Pay to Play Used Games Online?

Driver: San Francisco

EA, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive have all announced plans to start charging for “Online Passports,” which will be required purchases for players who want to play with used game discs. Specifically, these $10 passports will be needed to play multiplayer games (like Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco, pictured above), but there’s nothing to keep […]

E3: EA’s Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, & Old Republic


EA Games didn’t go out of its way to wow E3 attendees with announcements of new titles during its media briefing today, but it showed off plenty of footage and demos that gamers have been salivating to get better glimpses of. Games like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12, Star Wars: The Old Republic, […]

American McGee’s ‘Alice: Madness Returns’


Legendary game maker American McGee has announced his return to Alice in Wonderland territory, with a sequel to his quirky third-person game from 2000. As part of the Tokyo Game Conference, which is going on now, the first details about this sequel have been announced. After the jump, I’ve got details on the game, a […]

Fight Night Round 4 to ship June 30


One of the games that I’m highly anticipating this year is Fight Night Round 4. There’s a big reason why I love playing boxing games. First, I’m a very busy man that I rarely have the time right now to really sit down and spend more than two hours on an RPG. A boxing game […]

AMD Works With Developers To Create DX10.1 Magic

AMD has announced that leading game developers are working with AMD to create a new generation of game titles utilizing Microsoft DirectX® 10.1 to deliver improved features and performance, and an overall better game experience. Developers including Electronic Arts Phenomic Studio and its forthcoming fantasy online real-time strategy game Battleforge™, SEGA and its futuristic military […]