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The Learning Power of Lego!

Legos aren’t just great fun–or a great pain, if you step on them during the middle of the night. They’re very educational and popular with children as well. Whether it’s a simple square house or a detailed replica of the city of Gondor, playing with Legos stimulates creativity. Not yet convinced? Take a look at […]

MOOC Teaches Management Using Graphic Novels Instead of Textbooks

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have taken the world by storm, with people from all sorts of backgrounds taking on the challenge to continue learning in a somewhat formal atmosphere. I say somewhat, because the setup is not exactly your traditional classroom setting. Still, with brand names like Coursera catching the attention of people hungry […]

Rice University Offers Course on Skyrim

It’s for real, folks. Except that the slots are limited, not to mention that it is only available for fall semester. So basically, it’s too late to try and connive your way back to the venerable college halls. The fact that one of the most awaited role-playing video games ever (which, according to Steam continues […]

FaceAccess. The $30 Portable Face Recognition System

Facial recognition software is fascinating.  Software, be it on a computer, or as an app on a smartphone which can capture an individual’s likeness and recognize who the individual is, often is expensive, does not work, or the technology is owned by another.  Two Cornell undergraduate students, Brian Harding and Cat Jubinski, have just taken […]

Get your very own Death Star (planetarium)

As children, those with children, and star gazers everywhere, a planetarium is a magical place.  The theater-style structure concerning all things astronomy and the night sky, typically takes the form of a large, dome-shaped, building with a projector and screen where stars, planets, and other celestial objects are visible, even moving in a realistic fashion […]

Chile opens Star Wars school to train young Jedis

If there’s one thing about Star Wars any fan would love to master, it’s the way of the Jedi.  Certainly lightsaber techniques would be an amazing skill to acquire, but Jedi mind tricks?  No comparison.

Man as Industrial Palace

In 1926 Dr. Fritz Kahn created a poster of the human bodily functions, Man as Industrial Palace, based on mechanics. Dr. Kahn was famous for using mechanics metaphors to explain the workings of the human body. Dr. Fritz Kahn (1888-1968) was a gynecologist in Berlin and a world-famous popular science writer who illustrated the form […]

Get Rid Of Unwanted Gadgets For “Good”

We all have old gadgets lying around the house. Sometimes, we give them as hand me downs to family members or friends but sometimes, we just forget about them. If you are in the UK and you can relate to this, then you should consider getting rid of those gadgets and do something good while […]

School Uses Video Games As Teaching Tool

Games are thought to be big distractions to learning, especially the formal kind. I recall when I was in college, I’d stay up all night playing my favorite adventure and shoot ‘em up games. Of course by the time I attend my classes, I’d be a walking zombie, with rarely anything getting through my sleepy […]

iPhone being trialled in British classroom. Luddites rebel.

iPhones have been used as a lure for students for several years now, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such an experiment happening in the UK. A West London school is trialling the use of iPhones to aid in teaching, and good luck to them I say. A group of student volunteers have been […]

Social Skills Forced On Neumont Geeks

Who says that geeks have no social skills at all? Well, if we were to ask the employers of the graduates of Neumont University, they would probably not hesitate to say yes. As a matter of fact, they have filed some complaints to that effect.

Want To Score An MA In Beatles Songs?

Then try applying to the Liverpool Hope University. They are the first in the UK, and probably the world, to offer such an academic program. Talk about geeky: the formal title of the course is a Masters Degree in The Beatles, Popular Music, and Society. So what will you be in for if you decide […]

Twitter For Primary School?

This is my kind of news! I just read that primary school pupils in the UK might be learning how to work Twitter and Wikipedia. This is according to UK MSN. The report, published today, says that “former Ofsted chief Sir Jim Rose will present recommendations for revamping the primary curriculum to ministers next month.” […]