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Rice University Offers Course on Skyrim

It’s for real, folks. Except that the slots are limited, not to mention that it is only available for fall semester. So basically, it’s too late to try and connive your way back to the venerable college halls. The fact that one of the most awaited role-playing video games ever (which, according to Steam continues […]

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Announced

Game Informer has just unveiled their June cover story, and it’s one of their biggest exclusives ever: the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Tamriel-set MMO has been rumored to exist for ages, but today it became official.

WIN a Skyrim T-shirt From Truly Epic!!!

Have you had enough of Skyrim yet? While I haven’t heard much of the game via my social networks, I do believe that even the early players still find some value in it. From what I have seen of the game, it can keep you engaged for days on end. I have only experienced it […]

The Games of 2011 — In LEGO

This two-minute video highlights fifteen of the biggest games of 2011, by recreating them in LEGO animation. And it’s nothing but awesome.

Skyrim: My Little Pony Edition

This is without a doubt the craziest thing you will see all day. Someone has created a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that substitutes dragons with My Little Pony.

Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy World?

In the pantheon of fantasy, there are gazillions of worlds encompassing everything from Dorothy’s Oz to the Greek mythology of Clash of the Titans to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sunnydale. This week’s poll presents five of the most popular fantasy worlds. Which is your favorite?

Skyrim Monopoly: The Only Monopoly Board You’ll Want This Week!

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Gamers all over the world were bound to their chairs waiting for the video game to be released, and when it finally came out, those very gamers either went silent online (presumably glued to their HDTVs) or flooded their friends’ walls and Twitter streams with Skyrim-related posts. It […]

Awesome Skyrim Violin Cover

As I said before in my post about the recipe for Skyrim Sunlight Souffle, I haven’t had the chance to play Skyrim. So I can’t really claim to know all about the music in the game, but thank goodness for YouTube! Yes, I think the theme music is impressive. Very impressive. This cover by Jason […]

Make Your Own Skyrim Sunlight Souffle

How many hours have you logged playing Skyrim? If my Twitter (and Facebook) feed is any indication, the enthusiasm of players have not lagged all that much since the game came out. I, unfortunately, have not had the chance to play it myself although I had my hands on the game a couple of weeks […]


What would happen if Skyrim were made in the world of Minecraft? Here’s a well-made video that shows exactly what it would be like.

BioShock Infinite Nabs ‘E3 Game of Show’

With a definitive 4 wins among the 17 categories, BioShock Infinite has emerged the top beneficiary of E3 2011. BioShock was named overall “Best of Show,” while also taking home the awards for “Best Original Game,” “Best PC Game,” and “Best Action/Adventure Game.”

Bethesda Shows Off Jaw-Dropping New Screens

Man, does Bethesda Softworks have an amazing catalog of titles coming up, or what? They have id’s brand new franchise Rage, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, buzz-worthy MMO/FPS Brink, the intriguing “alien noire” of Prey 2, and more. Today, Bethesda let loose a whole slew of new screenshots from all of their upcoming titles, and they’re […]

Incredible New Skyrim Trailer

I wish this were a movie, because as a three-minute-long video game trailer, it kills. I didn’t play Oblivion, but my interest in its sequel has just skyrocketed. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features the return of dragons to the Elder Scrolls universe, using a brand new graphics engine. Bethesda’s commitment to great storytelling is on […]

Game Vids: Special Edition

Mass Effect 3. Elder Scrolls 5. Forza 4. Uncharted 3. Prototype 2. Resistance 3. Batman: Arkham City. SSX. And a certain Guillermo del Toro game… Spike’s Video Game Awards aired over the weekend, and while few gamers or industry insiders consider the awards themselves to be all that prestigious, the industry does always take the […]