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Win Geeky Items From Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things

Etsy is the home of custom-made things, and I think no one can deny that it’s a veritable treasure trove for fandoms. This week, our giveaway is from an Etsy Shop called “Usagianddarien’s Custom Shoes and Things”, where Doctor Who fans (among other fandoms) can feast their eyes on unique items, hand-designed from Boiling Springs, […]

These Are the American Presidents Kicking Butt

Last week, we saw the horrific side of American presidents in Presidential Monsters. This week, it’s the crusading, avenging, and perhaps whimsical side of some of the most powerful leaders in the world that we see. In today’s relaxed manner of speaking, what might very well be the coolest thing you’ll see this week is artwork […]

Handmade Star Wars Christmas Cards Up For Grabs!

Let’s go old school, shall we? Do you still remember the good old days when, around November, people were busy choosing the nicest Christmas cards to send to friends and family via regular post? As a kid, I loved picking out specific cards to match the recipient, and I also loved opening the envelopes that […]

Sweets So Geek: The Best Way to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Nothing makes one feel better than biting into a nice chunk of chocolate when stress levels are high. At least for those who have a sweet tooth. And even if you’re not really that much into sweets, I have a feeling that you will want to have your own stash of these sweets. Maybe the […]

Pottery for the Biology Enthusiast

You all know how I adore Etsy and the talent that can be found there, but after yesterday’s discovery, I began to have slight doubts. Thanks to a reader of ours, Lisa Townley, I made another Etsy discovery that actually made think, “Cool!” Prior to taking Biology classes in high school, I thought I was […]

Check Out Harshness’s Awesome Posters and Win a Poster of Your Choice!

Who thinks that posters on the walls are still cool? There may be some people who think that putting up posters is something that only teenagers do, but what if you had one of these? I don’t know about you, but call me whatever name you want. If I had this poster, I would not […]

Meet Geeky Girlfriend and Win a Custom Gadget Case From Her Etsy Shop

One of the joys of owning a gadgets is the shopping around for a case that will not only protect the device from scratches and bumps but also offer you the pleasure of enjoying the case itself. Now I will bet an entire month’s wages that any Dr. Who-loving iPad owner who reads ForeverGeek will […]

Get Your Hands on This Fully Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a primary fixture in most homes, with many people taking them for granted. However, if you come across a coffee table that is puts together geek function and form, it is another story altogether. Take this fully functional Nintendo controller coffee table for example. It really does look AND function as a […]

Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts

Don’t you just love times when you do not have to do anything but sit down (or lie down) with a good book? Just the other day, I was engaged in a conversation about traditional books – the kind that is supposed to be “responsible for killing trees” – and e-books. This is, of course, […]

Win a Bottle of Geeky Nail Polish from NerdLacquer!

Remember the post we had about geeky nail polish last month? Etsy shop owner Amanda Collier blends the nail polish on her own, drawing inspiration from all-time sci-fi favorites such as Dr. Who and Star Trek. You can purchase your geeky nail polish of choice from her Etsy shop NerdLacquer, or you can join our […]

Handmade Mario and Princess Peach Bras. Get Your DIY Kit Out

Almost every day something new and geeky finds its way to an Etsy store and often it’s difficult to keep up with all new awesome items on Etsy – or we think they’re cool but just not cool enough. This time though, user SceeneShoes caught my attention with a serious of handmade bras ((No feminists […]

Stay Cleaner Than Clean With These Bacteria Soaps

“I am only here for your money. I don’t want to shake anyone’s germy hands!” Can anyone tell me who said that? ((Sheldon Cooper)) If you have a penchant for washing your hands, and you have an appreciation for all things microbiological, then CleanerScience’s Etsy shop will be a treat for you. This shop’s tagline […]

Custom Comic Book Wedding Invites

Getting married anytime soon?  If I can’t change your mind about that, how about just checking out this really cool store on Etsy?   The store is manned by a husband and wife team who actually came up with the idea of using comic book covers as a theme for their own wedding invitations back in […]

Geek Felt Gadget Cases At Coolbeans717

Buying and owning gadgets these days involve a lot of things. Not only do you have to think about the gadget itself, but you also have to choose from a plethora of accessories. One of the most common accessories that gadget owners look for in earnest is the case, or housing, or whatever you want […]