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Facebook Fighter: When Facebook Meets Street Fighter 2

Remember the good old days of playing Street Fighter with your classmates, trying to beat the heck out of each other? Then came Street Fighter 2, which is considered to be one of the gaming industry’s biggest successes. If you’re too young to remember, check out this oral history of Street Fighter 2. Today, not […]

PROFICON: Add a Touch of Geek to Your Profile Icon

Nothing says geek like an unwavering passion for the things that you love, and what better way to proclaim your enthusiasm to the world than to splash it all over your Facebook or Twitter profile? Of course, you can always opt to display your mugshot, which is but normal. However, don’t you get bored seeing […]

‘Hunger Games’ + Social Gaming = Odd Fit?

A popular story about a dystopian nation where residents are subjugated and selected children are forced to fight to the death hardly sounds like fodder for lighthearted social gaming. Can The Hunger Games Adventures balance the requisite social quests with its dire setting and harsh subject matter?

Geekify Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo with InstaCover

Got the new Facebook Timeline yet? Don’t worry if you don’t. I am sure you have not failed to notice that note saying that everyone will be getting the new Timeline by the end of this month. I have ranted about the Timeline in the past, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less now. […]

The 12 Gift Cards of Christmas

Gift cards are the most sought-after gift of the season, so if you’re still finishing up some last-minute shopping, you can’t go wrong. But what if you’re buying for a geek? Here are the twelve most-desired gift cards among we of the geeky persuasion. Some you can probably guess; others might surprise you.

Assassin’s Creed Bustin’ Out All Over

Man, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed machine is cranking like crazy. In anticipation of November 15th’s release of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, there is so much tie-in stuff happening, it would constitute an entire article to catalog them all. So hey, why not do just that?

Xbox Live Is Getting Bing-ified

“Metro” is the codename of this Fall’s annual Xbox Live update, which among other things is going to make your dashboard look an awful lot like Bing mixed with Windows Phone 7. Here’s a breakdown of the major changes you can expect.

I Bet You’ll Change Your Facebook Profile Pic NOW

Don’t you just miss Battlestar Galactica and everything else that comes with it? We may not be able to bring the series back – even the spin off, Caprica, was not enough for me to be honest – but there are little things in life that can help satisfy that yearning for what could very […]

Pig Up Is Your New Favorite Time-Waster

Those devious souls at PopCap have unleashed their latest and greatest upon the populace, and it’s every bit as compulsively addictive as you’d expect.

The LikeLight

You are looking at a Facebook “Like” button made of LEGO bricks. But this is no ordinary MOC. This particular LEGO creation is hardwired to Facebook and has LED lights on the inside. The result is the LikeLight — a device that lights up every time someone clicks on the “Like” link on a particular […]

“Like” Facebook? You’ll “+1″ Google

  For ages, it’s been rumored that Google was planning a social network to rival Facebook, since Facebook has radically changed the way so many of us use the web. Google has finally unveiled its next big thing, but it’s not a social network at all. It’s more of a “social search” function built into […]

Looking Forward to Our Geek Future

As we cross over into the second week of the month, I’ve been reflecting on March’s news thus far. Several pieces that point to interesting developments in our collective geek future have caught my eye. Here I’ve whittled them down to digestible bites to give you a quick glance at what we can anticipate, looking […]

Angry Birds Migrating to Facebook

There’s no escaping the Angry Birds, or their rivals the green pigs. Even if you don’t have access to one of the eight platforms the game is currently available for — which include iOS, Windows, and PlayStation 3 — anyone with an Internet connection will soon be able to join in the wildly popular puzzler, […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 15

What do you get when the DHS, trivia ‘bots, Facebook stress and comets collide? You get the wins and fails this week in geek! Read on to discover the best and worst this week had to offer. FAIL: Doing Your Homework …which is precisely what the Department of Homeland Security failed to do when it […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 14

Flying marijuana, fighting Facebook and denied Dungeon Masters, oh my! As usual it’s been another random week of ups and downs in geekhood, and we’re back with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Jumping straight into the deep end… WIN: Medieval Machinery In the “creative usage of archaic weaponry” category […]

Social Media in Church and State

Social networking needs no shots in the arm, yet it received two this week anyway, courtesy of major endorsements from the White House and the Pope. The White House will be utilizing the social aspects of Twitter and YouTube in particular to complement the President’s State of the Union Address. Senior administrative officials in the […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 13

Who says #13 is unlucky? This week has given us a plethora of wins and fails to gleefully dissect, from mass firings at MySpace to social networking space robots to sex on Mars. Hey, at least somebody’s getting lucky with that last one. Let’s dig in. FAIL: Job Security Again. This seems to be a […]

Adidas Facebook And Twitter Superstars

Gerry Mckay a web designer from Glasgow has created two Adidas Superstars concept based on social networks. Adidas Superstars sneakers were wildly popular about 13 years ago, but they are still selling well. There are even versions that comes with markers so that you can color or write on them. Gerry Mckay took the idea […]

Have You Committed Any of These Geek Sins?

We all know the 10 Commandments (or is that an incorrect assumption?), but have you heard of the 10 geek sins that just might get your geek card revoked? ((ZDNet)) I was not surprised at all when I stumbled upon this article. With all the labels flying around, it but expected to have certain “standards” […]