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When Fairy Tale Gals Get Arrested [Mugshots]

Fairy tales always have happy endings, with good little girls doing what they’re supposed to do but occasionally diverging from the right path. And that’s where the story gets interesting. But in the end, they always get the happy forever afters. Or not. Marilen Adrover AKA TeeLamb on deviantART has shown us just how things […]

Disney Fairy Tale Ending Reality Check

Who goes to see Disney movies (and other fairy tale movies for that matter) for the good feels? I think that pretty much describes 90% of the population. (That’s just like any other stat you find online today, by the way.) There are fairy tales, and there is real life, though; and while some of […]

Screencaps: Jack the Giant Slayer

Do trailers give away too much? The latest trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer is a resounding vote for yes. We’ve got 66 screencaps of all that CGI eye candy, but I dare say you’ll know every major beat of the movie if you check them out. So… spoilers ahead.

These Children’s Stories Minimalist Posters Will Delight the Kid in You

We all had our favorite bedtime stories when we were kids. I suppose that even as adults, those bedtime stories of old still evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the most general sense, these children’s stories make us feel good. Yeah, I believe that there is a kid inside each one of us. […]

Spice Up Your TV Show Life With Grimm

Last night, I gave in and started watching one of the newest TV shows airing today: Grimm. With The Walking Dead being as dragging as it is – I haven’t seen the latest episode, and I don’t particularly feel the desire to do so – it is about time for TV show junkies to cast […]

Fairy Tales Told Using Balloons

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? Every child grew up learning at least one fairy tale by heart, or at least one version of a story. As we grow older, it seems that fairy tales still hold a special place in our lives. Just take a look at the countless movies that are nothing but little […]