Superman vs. Batman Fan Posters

2015 is still a long ways away, but we can still dream of what it will be like to finally see Superman and Batman on screen together, in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel. Here are 17 fan-made posters to whet your appetite.

12 Eye-Popping Star Wars VII Posters

We’re still over a year-and-a-half away from Star Wars: Episode VII, but check out these 12 fan-made posters for the film. Each one is a stunningly gorgeous work of art.

24 Grand Theft Auto Mashups

Can’t get enough Grand Theft Auto V? Neither can these artists, who’ve imagined GTA set in their favorite fictional universes.

Never Say Goodbye: Showcase of Breaking Bad Geekery

The most passionate fans (Breaking Bad fans are definitely among them) are not content to just merely watch a show—they want to talk about it, interact with it, and immerse themselves in its world. In today’s digital terrain, devotion and creativity have received a significant boost when compared to how fans celebrated a large cult […]

Darth Vader Reimagined

Darth Vader’s iconic design is probably the most recognizable form in all of pop culture. But what if he were designed today, by modern artists? See for yourself with these 20 examples of Darth Vader reimagined.

40 Eye-Popping Mashups of Minions

Who can resist the charms of those delightfully madcap Minions? The little yellow assistants grow more popular by the day, and here’s proof: 40 mashups of Minions and other pop culture characters.

50 Incredible Pieces of ‘Pacific Rim’ Fan Art

Something about Pacific Rim has brought out the best in its artistically-minded fans. I’m in awe of the spectacular skills they show off in these amazing works of art.

Lightsaber Variants

Everybody knows the standard bladed lightsaber, and the double-bladed saber. But there are many more custom variants from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, not to mention fan-made creations.

20 Man of Steel Fan-Made Posters

Man of Steel is about to reboot the legend of Superman, and the incredible visuals in the trailers has already inspired some amazing fan art. Check out these fake Man of Steel movie posters that look as good as the real thing.

Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald: 20 Pieces of Fan Art

Finally! Doctor Who is back after what felt like an interminable break. Even though she’s only been in two episodes so far, Jenna Louise-Coleman’s Clara Oswald has already won the hearts of many a viewer. Take a look at these 20 stunning pieces of fan art to whet your appetite for