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Make Your Own Tumbler

The Dark Knight Rises is almost here, and Warner Bros. is kicking the publicity machine into overdrive. The latest tool in their arsenal? The virtual Tumbler Designer, that lets you create your own Batmobile.

Fans and collectors: do you buy DVD box sets or individual discs?

This might seem like a slightly off-the-wall topic to be discussing, but today I was wondering whether fans of particular TV shows or films with multiple sequels buy the DVDs as they are released or wait for the box set. If you BitTorrent them, rent or buy them online, this doesn’t apply to you. However, […]

Solar Powered Fan Hat

Hands down, this wearable geeky gadget wins the Dept. of WTF award for this week. There is no such thing, perhaps, but who’s to stop us from creating such an award? Just take a look at that picture and you don’t even have to wonder why….