Never Say Goodbye: Showcase of Breaking Bad Geekery

The most passionate fans (Breaking Bad fans are definitely among them) are not content to just merely watch a show—they want to talk about it, interact with it, and immerse themselves in its world. In today’s digital terrain, devotion and creativity have received a significant boost when compared to how fans celebrated a large cult […]

Make Your Own Tumbler

The Dark Knight Rises is almost here, and Warner Bros. is kicking the publicity machine into overdrive. The latest tool in their arsenal? The virtual Tumbler Designer, that lets you create your own Batmobile.

Odes to a Companion Cube

Is there another character or object in modern video games that inspires devotion like Portal‘s Weighted Companion Cube? Here’s how some fans have expressed their adoration for the grey box of love.

15 Amazing ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

The art of the fan-made poster is alive and well. Talented artists have been making fake posters for The Dark Knight Rises practically since the moment The Dark Knight ended. But since then, we’ve learned the title of the third movie (meh) and who the film’s stars and new characters will be (Bane! Catwoman!). These […]

Tron: Legacy Fan Made Trailer Gets High Praise From Films Producer

It’s one thing to cut together your own fan made trailer for a movie, it’s a whole different ball game when you make a Tron: Legacy trailer that’s so good that even the films producer Sean Bailey praises your awesome work. The clip, named “Rerezzed” was actually made before the “Derezzed” trailer came out, a […]

Batman Had To Trade In The Batmobile After His First Child [Pic]

Wow, the Batmobile is cool to drive around in, but what about when that time comes for Bruce Campbell to settle down and have kids, his wife will no doubt make him trade in his superfast wheels for a more family friends option and now he can, thanks to the Batvan. Created by a Batman […]

Incredible Calvin & Hobbes Fan Art

My love for Calvin & Hobbes knows no bounds. So imagine my fanboy giddiness when I discovered that a blog called Super Punch has recently run a contest for professional-quality fan art of the beloved comic strip. Fans were asked to send in their takes on Calvin & Hobbes — either in strip format, or […]

Fanimation: Here's Why Jabba The Hut Took Out A Bounty On Han Solo

I usually cringe at the thought of a fan made animated short for movies I love, typically they are poorly constructed, lack imagination and basically suck all around, however this telling of why Jabba took out a bounty on Han Solo is actually very well produced Star Wars flick. The short animated flick tells the […]