Short Films Vol. 1

Introducing a new, weekly ForeverGeek feature: the best in short films! In our first batch, we’ve got five feature-quality shorts that span the likes of eye-popping scifi and awesome animation.

10 Awesome Portal Fan Films

Few video games franchises have inspired as many fan films as Portal. Something about the pathos of the wickedly insane A.I. GLaDOS struck a nerve with geeks everywhere. Here are 10 of the very best Portal fan films.

Gordon Freeman In the Flesh

Headcrabs! Marines! G-Man! Gordon Freeman! They’re all here in this slick live-action short based on the original Half-Life, called Enter the Freeman. Stop whatever you’re doing and watch it right now.

Deus Ex Goes Anime in Fan-Made Animated Short

What would happen if you mashed up the original Deus Ex with high-quality Ghost In the Shell-style animation? This.

How The Matrix Looks in Source Filmmaker

A few weeks ago, I told you about Valve releasing its Source Filmmaker software to the public. One crafty user decided to see what a scene from The Matrix would look like rendered in Source, and the result speaks for itself.

‘Portal’ In Real Life

You may love Portal, but you can’t express your love the way that Jason Craft can. He’s a visual effects artist, and he created this fantastic short film to show what it would be like if the Portal gun existed in real life — and a regular guy and his buddies got their hands on […]

8 Instakills in 1 Live Action Video

The dynamically geeky duo known as Corridor Digital have unleashed their latest video upon the world, and it is the definition of awesome. It’s called “Art of the Instakill,” and it features eight lethal showdowns, quick-cut style, between many of your favorite video game protagonists.

Making LEGO Movies Just Got a Lot Easier

When it comes to keeping fans happy, LEGO is on a roll. It seems like every week, LEGO announces some new product or feature that pays service to its base of hardcore fans. Their latest goodie: a free iPhone app that makes it super simple to film your own stop-motion LEGO movies.

A Pac-Man Movie That Doesn’t Suck

Man, these fan-made short films are just getting better and better. Here’s one that legitimizes Pac-Man as a viable storyline for a live-action movie. As crazy as that sounds, it really works.

If Guy Ritchie Made an ‘Angry Birds’ Movie

Pure. Genius. It’s the only way to describe this take on the proposed Angry Birds movie. Stylish, smart, action-packed, and funny… It’s got all the trimmings, and the kicker is, people really would go see this in theaters.