10 Awesome LEGO Movie Trailers

With a digital camera and a whole lot of patience, anyone can remake their favorite movie trailer in LEGO. But only a few have the talent to make LEGO movie trailers that are this good.

Dishonored Trailer: Choose Your Path to Revenge

Dishonored is almost here, kids. Arkane is making good and sure you don’t forget that, with this clever, “Choose Your Own Adventure” style interactive trailer.

Miss ‘The Walking Dead’ Already? This Should Help

Telltale Games wisely chose the perfect time to release their first trailer for The Walking Dead, coming hot on the heels of the TV show’s second season finale (which was amazing, by the way). Also: the release date and price.

If Guy Ritchie Made an ‘Angry Birds’ Movie

Pure. Genius. It’s the only way to describe this take on the proposed Angry Birds movie. Stylish, smart, action-packed, and funny… It’s got all the trimmings, and the kicker is, people really would go see this in theaters.

Pokémon Apokélypse: I Would Pay To Watch This Movie In Theaters

Fire, electricity, ground shaking hits, if you think about it Pokémon has always been a dark, mystical cock-fight placed inside child friendly wrapping, but that all changed last week when  a fan trailer was released with a modern and much more adult spin on the classic cartoon. While that trailer was decent, the shaky hand […]