Superheroes Who Wear White (After Labor Day)

If the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule applied to superheroes, then here are 8 that refuse to bow to the rules of fashion.

6 “Things”

“Thing” is kind of a harsh name. It’s what you call something when you don’t know what else to call it. Geek culture has given us six famous characters named “Thing.” Can you remember them all?

Fantastic Four’s The Thing in Pumpkin

It is not a carved pumpkin in the traditional sense, but Redditor wizardtlg‘s Fantastic Four’s The Thing creation is more fantastic than the movie ever was. And, you may correct me if you think otherwise, but this version of The Thing will probably scare the wits out of all the other carved pumpkins you see this […]

Challenging The Status Quo

Taking the opportunity of the Christmas period to catch upon my comics reading (and supplementing this with fanfic when I reached the bottom of the stack), I must confess that I re-read Jonathon Hickman’s Fantastic Four and FF (Future Foundation) numerous times. Although I have raved bout this particular run of the FF numerous times […]

Revolving Doors Of Heaven

Well, now we have seen what we all knew to be the case, Johnny Storm the fabled Human Torch is alive and well. Not that we couldn’t see that coming, but I am pleasantly surprised as to how the youngest of the original Foursome was able to survive. Of course, if you have read Fantastic […]

A Death In The Family

So now we know which member of the Fantastic Four bites the dust this week. I think this has to be one of the best kept secrets in comics for quite some time, certainly unlike the true identity of Monarch back in ’92, for example. Now, I do not wish to disparage the story in […]

Captain Britain is an Avenger! Finally!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Age Of Heroes #1 this week had a short story starring Captain Britain and M.I.13 (a very much missed title by this Marvelite), with a small but fascinating battle of wills between Pete Wisdom and Captain America. Of course, the Captain won, maybe Pete has softened […]

Marvel Televisions – Yes, You Read That Correctly

You know, I’ve been saying to all my friends for years now, “Why don’t they make a hi-def TV with my favorite Marvel comic book characters on it?” Guess what? They’ve finally done it.It’s like the peanut butter and chocolate combination of this century. That’s right, Marvel Comics has teamed up with RTC23, to release […]

State of the Multiverse 62

Someone who empathises with Deadpool is in control of the Marvel Universe? I fear for us all.

State of the Multiverse 16

I have to eat my words. I haven’t read any of this weeks comics yet, but I have caught up with what I missed last week. Specifically the latest issues of Nova and Guardians Of The Galaxy, among others. What did I say about no clear ending to the War Of Kings? Well, for me, […]