Why Sex Scenes in Gaming Just Don’t Work (Yet)

sex scenes in gaming

I’m sorry video game industry. I know you are trying (and slowly becoming) way bigger than Hollywood, and you want to produce titles akin to those levels, but sex scenes in gaming still do little more than conjure laughter and slight discomfort. The one thing they do NOT do (which sex scenes in film often […]

Top 5 Games to Rock Your Gaming PC


The appeal of building your own gaming PC is that you have complete control over the components that make your experience enjoyable. The GPU and CPU will directly affect the maximum graphics setting you can use. The keyboard and mouse that you select will control the comfort of your arms and hands during game play. The […]

E3 2012: PlayStation


Sony hauled out the big guns for its moment in the E3 spotlight, including major new IP (Beyond! The Last of Us!) and the latest titles from favorite franchises like God of War. They also had some surprising announcements.

E3: Ubisoft Brings Assassin’s Creed & Ghost Recon


Oh, Ubisoft. You make such fantastic games. Why must you always have the cheesiest E3 media event? At least the last few years with Joel McHale hosting had some genuinely funny moments. But this year’s event, hosted by Aaron Priceman, aka Ubisoft’s “Caffiene Man,” was just painful to watch. It should be used in classrooms […]