Microsoft intros SideWinder X4 anti-ghosting gaming keyboard

Microsoft has unveiled its latest keyboard designed specifically for gamers. The SideWinder X4 claims to handle the problem of ghosting — where it’s impossible to determine exactly which of multiple keys have been pressed — by detecting up to 26 keys at any one time. Quite who can press 26 keys in one go is […]

Massage Me Jacket Doubles as Playstation Controller

Boys will be boys. One big problem if your significant other becomes addicted to console gaming is that he (or she) will hardly have any time for you. Good thing my girlfriend (and now wife) used to be fond of the same games back when we were younger. But for those whose significant others seem […]

Parrot intros AR.Drone remote control plane for iPhone

Sometimes you just take a look at something and think “Wow! I want one of those”. Parrot’s latest bit of kit, the AR.Drone, is just one such object. The AR.Drone is a quadricopter (central cockpit and four propellers) that’s fully controllable via an iPhone or iPod Touch. Operating over Wi-Fi, it features two cameras. One […]

PC gaming on the big screen with the IGUGU Gamecore

Though it’s not really that difficult to get your PC to display on a big TV, it’s possibly beyond casual users. Add to this the fact that you could still be shackled to keyboard and mouse and you have a bit of a problem if you want the freedom to play games like your mates […]

Feeling strong? Strap on a projector and take your gaming to the streets

I’ve just been sent this great video which shows the Extreme Gamer strapping on a PS3 Slim and an Epson EH-TW450 high definition video projector and then taking to the night streets to play Need for Speed. You’d have to be pretty strong to do this, as not only do you have the weight of […]

Attention gamers: decorate your Christmas tree with console ornaments

With Christmas fast approaching (really), it’s time for geeks to start planning how they’re going to decorate their tree. Once you’ve decided on the tree itself, you’ll need to work out what to hang off it. Yes, you could stay fairly traditional and use baubles and candies, but how about decorating the tree with miniature […]

Get your woolly gaming character fix

While doing my regular trawl through geeky craft sites, I found these woolly tributes to Pac-Man and Mario. Pac-Man Ghosts

Incredible "history" of retro video games

Do you know how Tetris, Arkanoid, Pong, Super Mario and Sonic were created? Amusement Magazine has the answer, it seems, with some stunning high resolution imagery of the fixtures and fittings required for each game.

Seven a cappella video game music videos

Please don’t ask me how I stumbled across these, as I really can’t remember. I honestly wasn’t searching for people and groups singing a cappella versions and medleys of video games, but once I’d found one I had to find some more. Yeah it’s Friday, whatever. Sit back and enjoy: 1. Tetris

Daft Punk gets the 8-bit treatment

“The music of Daft Punk revisited on Vintage Game Systems” Here we have 11 Daft Punk tracks covered using 8-bit gaming systems: Around The World by The Listrix Short Circuit by Random Voyager by Zombectro Revolution 909 by Note! Aerodynamic by Je deviens dj en 3 jours Superheroes by Stage7 Crescendolls by Flashbob One More […]