David Bowie is in every video game!

Davie Bowie is already a legend, but now it turns out he is in every video game ever made! Well, a lot of them anyway.

Boost Your Game With Gamer Grub

I might have to pass up on this one, folks. But hey, you never know – someone out there might just be enticed with this line of snackables that are gamer friendly. With a tag line like “Boost your game with Gamer Grub,” these snacks are sure to catch the attention of countless people who […]

UK's Museum of Computing gets a new home

Last year, the UK’s Museum of Computing had to close because the University of Bath moved out of a campus in Swindon where the collection was housed. Now, though, it’s received a new lease of life thanks to Swindon Borough Council which has offered the museum a three-year lease in the heart of the town.

Wolfenstein 3D on iPhone controlled with virtual joystick prototype

Today I received an interesting email from Alex Winston whose company has been developing a virtual joystick application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a prototype that allows Wolfenstein 3D to be controlled from a second device connected up using a crossover audio cable.

Experience ultimate racing with the VisionRacer VR3 gaming seat

If you’re serious about gaming then you’ll be wanting to get the best hardware to go with the latest games for your PC or console, and the VisionRacer VR3 could be just what you need for the ultimate driving and racing experience. VRI Technology built in Logitech’s force feedback wheels and pedals to the smart […]

Sharkoon Rush FireGlider

This is a handsome creature now is it? :) I know you’d get several raves when you flash this mouse out in a network gaming arena. A great knight is as great only as his sword. Remember King Arthur? If he didn’t have Excalibur, I’m not sure he would have been King Arthur… just.. umm… […]

The Best Online Flash Games

I’m a sucker for addictive flash games. I don’t know about you, but I think the best video games are almost always simple and fun. Flash games tend to have both qualities. Now, I know that Flash games often don’t have much depth. But that’s ok for me. I just like to jump in and […]

Nintendo DSi rumors

Am I glad I didn’t cave in to buy a Nintendo DS light during the holidays, EVEN when they’re giving it away for US$85 with an old handheld game console trade-in? I sure am! LOL. I almost did when the daughter gave me a pout, but I held on strong and said… it’s a dying […]

A PSP for Christmas

Well, my house is now rich by one gaming gadget today. I bought my son the PSP Madden ’09 limited edition bundle as a Christmas gift. The shiny blue finish is really beautiful and, in my opinion, quite manly. Being the gadget freak that I am, I just couldn’t leave the PSP be without tinkering […]

DS Games For Christmas

Perhaps one of the best things about the DS is the sheer variety of gameplay on offer, which means that over this Christmas you shouldn’t have any problem at all either finding a present for yourself or for a loved one! This year, look out for the brilliant Professor Layton And The Curious Village for […]