Color night vision camera soon available. Paris Hilton sex tape sequel?

Night vision cameras are super devices that have been used in some super situations.  A few examples include the Paris Hilton sex tape, Jame Gumb’s creepy use of night vision in Silence of the Lambs, and a funny scene involving night vision from the hilarious movie, Step Brothers.

Philadelphia, Rocky statue yes. Detroit, RoboCop statue no.

RoboCop, one of the sweetest films of my generation, will not be honored with a statue by Detroit in the same way as another film, the meh-inducing Rocky, has been by Philadelphia.

Comics That Should Take a Leap, or a Step Back

Don’t forget to get involved in the comic book debates at the ForeverGeek Forum! When comics convert from print to the screen – be it silver screen, little screen, or computer screen – the results are often disastrous. We’ve become so accustomed to this fact that as comic book lovers, we follow the news of […]

Cool sequential 35mm film photo art from Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson is a long-standing artist using traditional film photography as his medium. His web site showcases 16 big art pieces that are stitched together from individual, ordered 35mm film.