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The Only First Person Shooter Infographic You’ll Want to Read This Week

There is something to be said about first person shooter games – all in a positive way, naturally. While there will always be detractors of this kind of videogame, I think that anyone who has played an FPS will say that the experience is rather hard to beat. And, with the release of Halo 4 […]

Rise of the Triad Returns

Talk about a blast from the past. One of the very earliest first-person shooters — from the makers of Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem — is back, baby. All hail the over-the-top action of Rise of the Triad!

Super Mario with realistic sound effects

OK so here’s something to add to your daily dose of strange. I’ve seen Super Mario done live, seen it done in stop motion .. what else hasn’t been done? Well this is how Super Mario would sound like if it were dubbed with sound effects from a first person shooter: you can recognized bits […]