Floppy Disk Sticky Notes For Only $12!

Before there were DVDs and external HDDs, we had square pieces of plastic called floppy disks. Back then, we had no idea why we would need more storage than this 3.5” device could offer. Suck UK applied this thinking to stationary and came up with Floppy Disk Sticky notes! Get these sticky notes on Amazon for […]

DIY Floppy Disk Planters

Having just moved to a new location where I just might have the chance to grow some herbs in pots, I got really excited when I stumbled upon the idea of DIY floppy disk planters. The guys at BRIT seem to have a thing for the 3.5-inch data storage devices of old, and I cannot […]

These Papercraft Gadget Replicas Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

What do you do on a rainy day when you find yourself on the brink of suicide because of boredom? I highly doubt that a lot of you would instantly say “work on some papercraft“, but after seeing this series of photographs, you just might be tempted to give the hobby a hand. Zim & […]

Immortalize Your Old Floppy Disks

Earlier this week, Robin wrote a great eulogy for the good old floppy disk. I’d bet my bottom dollar that you have a stack of unused ones somewhere in your house. I am pretty sure that if I pay my parents a visit, I will find a heap of them covered in dust. Those disks […]