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Thanksgiving Turkey Donut, Anyone?

A Thanksgiving Turkey Donut doesn’t sound too weird, does it? After all, we see specially decorated donuts all over the place – like this. It’s like a regular sweet donut that looks like a turkey. Perfect Thanksgiving dessert or snack, yes? But what if you had a Thanksgiving turkey donut that had turkey meat in […]

When Pigs Drink Whiskey, You Get Whiskey-Flavored Bacon

D’oh. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Although in this case, the pork hasn’t been made into bacon yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Also, who would think of giving pigs whiskey to drink? If you told me that yesterday, I’d say what a waste of whiskey! Source However, it has been proven […]

The Ultimate Geeky Eat: The Holy Cow Father’s Day Special [Bacon Alert]

I used to think that bacon is bacon is bacon is bacon – and that nothing else will really top it. Bacon. Then I saw this creature called The Holy Cow, a burger that only a carnivorous freak with a large appetite will be able to consume in one sitting. It’s supposed to have 17 […]

Denny’s Hobbit Menu: How Hobbits Do Fastfood?

Not too sure how you feel about Denny’s, but even if you normally couldn’t care less about the chain, you might have a change of heart come November. In line with the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – which we are all waiting for – the food chain has launched “Denny’s Hobbit Menu”. It would […]

Meet the Burritob0t: The 3D Printer of My Dreams

3D printers have been around for a while now, with people printing out all sorts of silly things: from chocolate creations to mini mes to guitars – you name it, you’ll probably find a 3D-printed version. But what if you love Mexican food? Why can’t you have your own custom, 3D-printed meal? Well there is […]

Papercraft Hamburger: The Future of Food?

I don’t know if you remember Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, also known collectively as Zim & Zou, but some time last year, we showcased their very colorful papercraft gadgets. If you are not into pretty colors, you might not appreciate their work at first glance. However, the intricacy of the details of each papercraft […]

Petri Dish Hamburger, Anyone?

I apologize upfront if some of you might get offended at some points which may be politically incorrect! You know how there are some groups who think that eating meat is inhumane because of the way the animals are bred and killed? I honestly think that the arguments are not enough to sway me, and […]

Get Your Halloween Spirit On!

Are you feeling the Halloween spirit yet? In case you have not heard, we’re running a contest where you can win a Star Wars costume – perfect for the Halloween parties already on your list! Then again, a Halloween party may be all hyped up because of the costumes that people put on, but one […]

Muggle Recipes for Butterbeer

It seems like part two of the final Harry Potter installment truly nailed this series as the ‘Star Wars’ of this generation. Save in this case the books came prior to the big screen. You know when something hits mainstream when the fanfare cocktail gets served in homes around the world. Of course, we’re talking […]

The Inn at the Crossroads: Real Food from Game of Thrones

One of the things that always fascinates me in stories (especially fantasy) is the food. Well, the same can be said of real life, but there is something to be said about how authors of fantasy books describe food. I suppose that given the immense amount of creativity necessary to come up with a successful […]

Baby Gaga Ice Cream: All Natural and Free-Range

I don’t know about you, but rare is the moment that I will say no to ice cream. Gelato, soft ice cream, and ice cream on crepes – I will almost always take you up on your offer if it’s all about these frozen delights (and most any other dessert). Now, food geeks know that […]

Chocolate Skulls – Not Your Average Valentine’s Gift

Just several more days, and countless of people around the world will be celebrating a Hallmark holiday with those special to them. Then again, there will be just as many who will not care or will pretend not to. Whether you make it a habit to celebrate Valentine’s Day or you treat February 14 just […]

10 Interesting Foods in Anime

The other day I was watching “Is This a Zombie,” a new anime series this season, when I got to the point where they showed Haruna’s super delicious omelettes. That got me wondering, what kind of other weird foods have appeared in anime? After thinking for a while, I came up with a list of […]

This Is How Hobbits Eat

Hankering for some hobbit fare? I am sure that you have spent practically all day watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at least once. Tell me honestly, after one of those occasions, didn’t you feel like having some of the food that those fuzzy little creatures had in the movie?

Get Ready for a Geeky Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is just around the corner, and while not everyone celebrates this holiday, I am sure there are quite a handful of you who cannot wait for Thanksgiving. I totally get you – who can resist a nice turkey dinner with melt-in-your-mouth mashed potatoes? If you are tasked with preparing the food for this […]

Mona Lisa at Her Greasiest

Very quickly – name three things you can do with a burger. (Think of a big fat juicy burger as you rattle off those uses.) Here are my answers: Eat. Wolf down. Savor slowly. If you ask me, there is no other use for a burger than to fill up an empty stomach.  No matter […]

3D Pancakes

I am in awe of these 3D pancakes. For a guy “just trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter,” Jim (he only gives his first name) is a master, chronicling his daily adventures in pancake making on his blog, and I tip my lightsaber to him. He also makes 2D pancakes that are […]

The Unibody Cutting Board

As an Apple fan and foodie this macboook unibody replica wood cutting board is to drool over. I have a thing with wood cutting boards, I own a unique handmade one bought on Etsy made from different kind of woods and I own a simple bamboo one. If you have a designer kitchen interior this […]