12 Geeky Free Movies Online to Watch

free movies online

From scifi classics to more recent blockbusters, here are a dozen free movies online that you can geek out to by watching right now. Did I mention they’re 100% free?

Arkham Horror Open Beta for the PC: Sign up now!

arkham horror

A couple of days ago I found a link to a video of a college student who was recreating the popular Arkham Horror board game for the PC. It wasn’t an official release by Fantasy Flight Games, but rather a graduation requirement for school. Her plan seems to be pretty solid. Since this is a […]

Daft Punk gets the 8-bit treatment

“The music of Daft Punk revisited on Vintage Game Systems” Here we have 11 Daft Punk tracks covered using 8-bit gaming systems: Around The World by The Listrix Short Circuit by Random Voyager by Zombectro Revolution 909 by Note! Aerodynamic by Je deviens dj en 3 jours Superheroes by Stage7 Crescendolls by Flashbob One More […]

Win One Year Free Phone Calls


Cell Phones.org is hosting a blogger appreciation contest and the winner will have her/his phone bill covered for one year ((Up to $1000)).The contest will reward three bloggers: First Prize: a full year’s worth of your cell phone bill (up to $1000) Second Prize: free cell phone (does not include plan) Third Prize: $100 gift […]