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12 Geeky Free Movies Online to Watch

From scifi classics to more recent blockbusters, here are a dozen free movies online that you can geek out to by watching right now. Did I mention they're 100% free?

Amazon Launches Free-to-Play Game Service

Amazon has just entered the free-to-play game race, with its own service called Game Connect. The idea is to help players find free and MMO games, and it even comes with its own Amazon-powered reward system.

Ticket to Ride Pocket is FREE. Grab it now!

Here at Forevergeek, we regularly try to paint a picture of the multitudinous aspects of geekiness. From science fiction to video gaming, from comics to cosplay. Sometimes, these different paths of geekdom coincide into a central nexus making things so much more fun to report. In this case, it’s when board games and video games […]

Arkham Horror Open Beta for the PC: Sign up now!

A couple of days ago I found a link to a video of a college student who was recreating the popular Arkham Horror board game for the PC. It wasn’t an official release by Fantasy Flight Games, but rather a graduation requirement for school. Her plan seems to be pretty solid. Since this is a […]

Serve enemies three ways with Third Blade

Action packed, easy to play and overly addicting, Third Blade gives you three ways you can choose to deal pain to your opponents. It’s not often we come across good hack and slash games on a mobile phone. Third Blade is one such rare occurrence. The game is made by com2us, one of the more […]

Evil Dead Themed iOS Games While We Wait for the Movie Remake

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise may have heard of a remake of the 1981 cult classic. It’s the one franchise that made Bruce Campbell famous playing the chainsaw armed Ash and Sam Raimi as director (unfortunately he went on to direct other things like the flop that was Spider Man). So it has come […]

Daft Punk gets the 8-bit treatment

“The music of Daft Punk revisited on Vintage Game Systems” Here we have 11 Daft Punk tracks covered using 8-bit gaming systems: Around The World by The Listrix Short Circuit by Random Voyager by Zombectro Revolution 909 by Note! Aerodynamic by Je deviens dj en 3 jours Superheroes by Stage7 Crescendolls by Flashbob One More […] global social drawing and voting for iPhone

My favorite iPhone apps are the ones that use your location and share something about you with the rest of the world. Privacy concerns aside, geo-friendly applications are definitely the way to go. iWallFlower is a free download that lets you draw on the iPhone screen and then share your creations with the rest of […]

Win One Year Free Phone Calls

Cell is hosting a blogger appreciation contest and the winner will have her/his phone bill covered for one year ((Up to $1000)).The contest will reward three bloggers: First Prize: a full year’s worth of your cell phone bill (up to $1000) Second Prize: free cell phone (does not include plan) Third Prize: $100 gift […]

Free Music from iTunes!

No, not just a few, all of them! Get them while they’re hot! (I haven’t had time to confirm this since I’m in a bit of a hurry but from the comments I read it seems to really work)