5 Underrated Nerd Movies More Geeks Need To See


We all know the big name nerd movies that everyone loves. LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, all the comic book movies etc. But there are a shit-ton of really good geek movies out there that just don’t get the love and attention they deserve because the big boys take all the credit. The problem is, […]

6 Video Game Glitches That Are Too Funny For Words

game glitches

Can we please take a moment to talk about how effing awesome video glitches are? Keep in mind, when they break a game or keep you from finishing it, they are inexcusable (coughs, Bethesda, coughs). But in most cases, the glitches we get in modern gaming end up being a small coding glitch that ends […]

6 Reasons We Are Excited For ‘Ant-Man’

Ant man

Amid all the hype about Batman Vs. Superman and the new Star Wars trailer, seems a trailer dropped that was quite awesome and it kind of got ignored. A trailer that hints that we might just break away from the darkness and nastiness in all movies we seem to be getting lately and get back […]

10 Awesomely Horrible Movie Posters


Any movie geek with a decent amount of film know-how can remember their favorite movie posters. Whether it’s one of the classics or had a visual that instantly made them go ‘Wow!’, there’s no doubt that movie posters play an important part in a moviegoer’s experience. Here are 10 hilarious interpretations of famous movie posters. […]



Inception has made its mark as one of the most thought provoking films ever made in recent history. What surprises me is that Inception’s IP isn’t being milked for what it’s worth. Call it respect for the franchise or something much deeper. I don’t know. Nonetheless, when I read about a card game based on […]

Go the F**k to Sleep As Read by Samuel L. Jackson

go the f to sleep

Written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, Go the F**k to Sleep is a progressive bedtime story book that breaks the traditional norms of reading to your child. As someone who finished some units in child development, reading bedtime stories to your child has nothing to do with the choice of book. You […]

The Daily Routine of a Web Geek

Jus' Checkin'

While browsing the web and going through all my daily sites I come across a comic depicting exactly what I’m doing. As a matter of fact what I do everyday: check email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, feeds, statistics, news and all that over and over again between work. I’m sure everyone who needs internet to do […]

Should you buy an iPad?

iPad flowchart

Apple is already accepting iPad pre orders and the expected sales are higher than when the iPhone was newly released. If you are still doubting about buying an iPad BBspot has a helpful flowchart to help you decide. Way funny, I especially like the “Like to touch things?” question, it so is an iPhone and […]