Tech Giants Going All Out on Wearable Tech, a Reason for Gadget Geeks to Rejoice!

wearable tech

These are exciting times for gadget geeks, as technology is moving at a faster pace than ever. There is no doubt that wearable tech is at the forefront of the scene, with tech giants throwing their money into research, obtaining patents, and making sure they get ahead of their competitors. Image source Earlier this year, […]

Save 23% On The Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse

razer naga featured

The Razer Naga was an award-winning and massively popular gaming mouse, but even the best can get better. The Razer Naga Epic™ MMO Gaming Mouse is the upgrade to the Razer Naga that everyone’s been wishing for. It has 17 MMO-optimized buttons so you can easily access abilities, including the Razer Naga thumb grid. With true […]

OpenKnit: The Clothing Printer We’ve Been Waiting For

OpenKnit printer

Our good friend Gerard Rubio just made the coolest printer we’ve ever seen (so far). Simply put, OpenKnit is “a new digital fabrication tool, an open-source printer that creates ready-to-wear clothing”. Unlike other printers, it’s low cost (under $760) and it gives the unique ability for the user to create his own clothing using digital files. You can […]

Romo Robot Is The Smartphone Robot For Everyone!

Romo robot featured image

Kids today are much more comfortable playing with iPhones and other gadgets than going outside and actually being kids. Romo robot was created to get kids to really play again! From the creators Romotive themselves, “Romo is a pet, a toy, and a robotic avatar that kids simply fall in love with.” Simply put, Romo is […]

PhoneSoap Charger Sanitizes And Charges Your Smartphone!

PhoneSoap Charger Banner

You live in a very dirty world. In today’s high-tech times, there’s no better breeding ground for bacteria than your smartphone. No matter how many times you sanitize your hands, mouth, face, or entire body, you still leave oil, sweat, dirt, and much worse whenever you touch your phone. Do you use your phone in […]

Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters: Bite Off The Crime Of Crust!

Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters banner

Cut out the crusts of crime and injustice with these handy Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters from Amazon. Making the excuse that these will be “for the kids” shouldn’t cut it anymore! Whether you use it for sandwiches or cookies, these Bat Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters will guarantee a superhero lunch. You’ll be the coolest guy […]

Beam Me Up Scotty! Star Trek’s Universal Translator Is Here!

Star Trek 45 Years

The good news is the Internet has brought more people from across the globe together. The bad news is the Internet has brought more people from across the globe together. With hundreds of spoken languages, not to mention their dialects, it can be very difficult to communicate with one another. Historically, science fiction films and […]

Accessorize This: Six Way Cool Wearable Gadgets from Sci-Fi TV


With all of the news concerning wearable gadgets such as Google Glass earlier this year, and now the buzz surrounding the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch (what a cool name), I couldn’t help but think about all of the neat gadgets in some of the science fiction shows that have aired on television in the […]