Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2014 – Cosplay Images and More from the Floor

The Comikaze Expo is somewhat of a new player in the world of comic conventions, having just experienced its 4th year in the heart of Los Angeles, California. That’s mainly because it’s not technically a comic-con. Yes, in its 2nd year, it acquired the biggest name in comics – Stan Lee – as part of […]

Epic Game of Thrones Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked

The world of Game of Thrones has captured our hearts and imaginations, and I don’t know about you, but it is very real to me. And I think it’s the same for many fans out there, especially those who have gone to great lengths to bring their favorite aspect of the fantasy world to real […]

This Real Life Game of Thrones Wedding Dared to Defy GRRM

And we love the couple for it! We all know how weddings and Game of Thrones don’t exactly go well together, but that’s because GRRM has deemed it so. And while we have all gone through a wide range of emotions – from being horrified to feeling vindicated to feeling grossed out to feeling utterly […]

Family Guy Goes Game of Thrones

When two un-PC TV shows meet, there’s bound to be a lot of [insert your reaction here, depending on how politically correct you are]. One thing is for sure: if anyone deserves the Iron Throne, Stewie it is. End of conversation. Game of Thrones Family Guy – here you go. There’s more where these came […]

These Game of Thrones World Cup Kits Will Make You Want to Play Football

The World Cup is at its height, disrupting the lives – and sleeping patterns – of fans from the world over. Of course, those in the same time zone as Brazil are doing better in terms of sleep. But who knew that the Houses of Westeros are also caught up in the World Cup fever? […]

Meet the Pugs of Westeros

Westeros is not only for humans, we know that. Case in point: Direwolves. These cute pugs want in on the Game of Thrones hype, though, so they had some fun. The result? The pugs of Westeros. Jon Snow He does bear a resemblance to the one who knows nothing, doesn’t he? Lord Tywin Poor guy […]

Michelle Fairley AKA Catelyn Stark Delivers Awful News About Game of Thrones [SPOILER ALERT]

We know that all we love will die. That’s how George R.R. Martin rolls. But what about the dead that are (were?) supposed to come back to life, albeit in a zombified form? Book readers know that Catelyn Stark, played by actress Michelle Fairley, comes back to play the Game of Thrones in a fashion, […]

Game of Thrones Versus Lord of The Rings

Must we really do this? I’m a huge fan of both, and I don’t like being made to choose, but YouTuber RackaRacka has brought it up and even made a video about it. Watch and judge. HAH! Not what you thought, was it? Seriously, though, for argument’s sake, which book series is better and why?

The Only Keyboard App You Need if You Don’t Like Texting

Teenagers these days can’t be seen without their phones in their hands, frantically typing out text messages faster than a courthouse stenographer. Oh, wait – adults do fit the first part of the description as well, yeah? Except maybe they’re on Facebook, Google+, or whatever app they can’t live without. But, if you’re one of […]

“Hilarious” Reactions to the Conclusion of Prince Oberyn and The Mountain’s Fight

It’s been more than a week since we saw what is perhaps one of the most gruesome deaths in Game of Thrones (which is what we say each time someone dies), so the risk of us ruining your lives with a spoiler is minimal. (I can only hope.) So GRRM decided to kill of one […]