Take 5 Minutes to Watch the Beginning of ‘BioShock Infinite’

Presenting: the first 5 minutes of BioShock Infinite. There are spoilers ahead, but nothing major if you’ve been following the game’s development.

Dishonored: The E3 Demos

Couldn’t go to E3? Arkane Studios feels your pain. So they’ve posted their behind-closed-doors demos of Dishonored online, and when you watch, you’ll know why the game is getting so much buzz.

Play as Stan Lee in New Spider-Man Game

The tie-in game for The Amazing Spider-Man does something that no game has ever done before: let you play as Stan Lee. And as you can see in this video, Lee has all of Spider-Man’s powers. I can’t decide if it’s awkward or awesome.

Must-Watch: Assassin’s Creed III Dev Commentary

You’ve seen the CG trailer from E3. You’ve seen the gameplay demo. You’ve even seen that mind-blowing naval battle at sea. Here’s something you haven’t seen yet from Assassin’s Creed III: the commentary E3 attendees heard while getting a one-on-one presentation of the game behind closed doors.

How You’ll “Web Rush” in Amazing Spider-Man Game

Activision and Beenox today released the latest trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man video game. This one focuses on something called “Web Rush,” and how it’ll come in handy zipping across New York and stickin’ it to the bad guys (so to speak).

Go Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Epic Mickey 2′

After watching this 3.5 minute video about the making of Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, I have just one question. How does Oswald the Lucky Rabbit get his ears to spin like helicopter blades? ‘Cause that’s a handy skill to have.

‘Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’ Coming August 28

High Moon Studios has announced the release date for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, along with a brand new trailer that shows off the game in action. And it’s looking promising.

First Look at Halo 4

http://youtu.be/f6UL63Zo-uo?hd=1 The Games Developers Conference is getting started today in San Francisco, so we’re in store for a big marketing blitz of new game announcements and insider looks at upcoming titles. Microsoft released a new “first look” video today for Halo 4, which shows off the game in action for the first time ever.

Limbo With a Flashlight

Two years ago, Danish developer Playdead brought its innovative game Limbo to Xbox Live Arcade. It was an instant hit, with its creepy, black-and-white aesthetic, but if you could see its world with the lights on… Is this what it would look like?

A Batman Game That Could Have Been

Instead of Arkham Asylum, we could have gotten a very, very different Batman game. A game set in the 19th Century Victorian era, with a steampunk Batman pitted against Jack the Ripper. Here’s a tech demo that shows what that game could have looked like.