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Play 900 Classic Arcade Games on your Browser, Thanks to the Internet Arcade

Great news for fans of the classic arcade games – you can get your classic arcade on, without even leaving the house. As of a couple days ago, anyone can play 900+ classic arcade games from the 70’s and 80’s on their browser (sans the quarters, of course) with the newly-launched Internet Arcade. The whole thing is brilliant […]

Who Wants Keys for Tabletop Simulator on Steam Early Access?

If you spend quite some time on Steam, then you might have seen Tabletop Simulator, created by Berserk Games. This game is the perfect way to kill time when you feel like shirking some task or just enjoying yourself playing whatever you want. Tabletop Simulator is the only simulator where you can let your aggression […]

Slower Than Light: Not Your Usual Sci-Fi Game

Science fiction is fascinating genre, and space is one of its most popular settings. As in most genres, the tales we hear about in these speculative stories are meant to tie back to our lives, to help us explore the issues and concerns that we struggle with through the lense of a setting and environment […]

Adventure Time-Themed Magic Deck? Yes Please!

These mash-ups are getting better and better. Redditor The_Stoney_Badger’s friend created his own Adventure Time deck for Magic: The Gathering and we would be lying if we said we didn’t want one for ourselves. Imagine all the time and effort it took to print and find characters that fit the description just right. Here’s hoping it’ll become an […]

Earthlock: Festival of Magic – Classic Turn-Based RPG with a Couple of Twists

Editor’s Note:  This post is written by Erik Hoftun, Head of Snow Castle Studios, Producer, Earthlock: Festival of Magic.  It is quite an undertaking for a small studio like ours to take on such a big project as Earthlock. Why are we doing it? – Because the whole team really wants to make the game that […]

How Game Rentals Are Helping Gamers Save a Ton of Money

Although gaming is nothing new, the ability to play video games on all sorts of recent mobile technology has ensured that the gaming industry has continued to grow. Despite their seeming ubiquity, many people are not aware that they don’t necessarily have to pay for brand-new games outright. More and more gamers are deciding to […]

Sesame Street Fighter Is A Real Game!

We recently posted about Super Sesame Street Fighter and just when you thought the fun was over, it jumped several awesomeness levels higher! Enter Sesame Street Fighter, a game developed by Cocoalasca inspired by the illustrations we featured. It’s an HTML5 game that lets you choose between Ernie/Ken, Bert/Ryu, and Oscar/Blanca as you type your way to victory. […]

Luigi Gets an Awesome Art Book!

It isn’t solely Mario’s world anymore! Luigi gets some much deserved love with an art book that features 32 original art pieces by 32 designers. There’s only one rule: Keep Luigi’s original colors! It’s the first in a series of art books called Game Icons, created by Game Paused, that seek to combine the best of art and […]

Scraps – Vehicle combat with buildable vehicles

A long time ago, in the halcyon past of the late 90’s, there was vehicle combat. Twisted Metal. Interstate ’76. One of the things I really liked about Interstate ’76 was the extensive customisation you could do to your car’s loadout. Oh yeah, and remember LEGO Racers? You could build your whole car from the chassis […]

Role-Playing Games, Then And Now

Computer role-playing games have been among the earliest of genres to establish themselves in the games industry, but sadly also one of the most vulnerable and, perhaps, the genre that has been contorted the most over the years. Role-playing saw a real heyday during the 80s, when games like “The Bard’s Tale,” “Phantasie,” “Ultima,” “Wasteland” […]

What is the Future of Motion Control in Video Games?

When it introduced the Wii, Nintendo showed us that there’s more to video game controllers than just pressing buttons. Interestingly, the results of Nintendo’s motion control experiment went better than expected: the Wii became the top-selling console of its generation and the third best-selling console of all time. When the games industry realised that Nintendo […]

Why I Am Not Playing Diablo 3 – Yet

The Internet as I know it has been quiet the past few days. I am not even considering any other reason. There’s only one. The much awaited Diablo 3. For someone who is not a hardcore gamer but can spend days on end playing a game (albeit very sporadically), I am actually surprised that I […]

Hardest Games of the Early 90’s

Forget Call of Duty on Veteran Mode, the 90’s had some of what had to be the hardest games to date! Sure, they didn’t sport high definition 3D graphics, brilliant character modeling and gorgeous texturing, but by Jove they were controller breaking difficult! From your fast paced platforming games, to your nerve racking spaceship games, […]

10 Reasons Why Angry Birds Is Not Just A Mobile Game Anymore

Angry birds no more need an introduction. It is one of the most popular games being played today, be it on your mobiles, browsers or desktop. In this piece of writing you will get a brief explanation of this fantastic game. This game is centered on a handful of interesting character and the red bird is […]

Zombies, Run!

No one can deny that Kickstarter is a great place to discover all sorts of cool stuff, and what I came across today is simply more proof. Zombies, Run! is a video game project being developed in the UK by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman. It is an iOS and Android app that is […]

Still Addicted to Angry Birds?

Everywhere I go these days, I see something related to Angry Birds. To be honest, I think that the hype has outlived its use a long time ago. However, entrepreneurs are still jumping on the Angry Birds bandwagon. I have seen bags, hats, plushies, pillows, shirts, key rings, and all sorts of other merchandise with […]

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Airport Edition

Upon reflection, 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Airport Edition is pretty close to the realities of airport check in sequences. Long lines, bad food, and umm… machine gun nests are some of the staples of your typical airport impediments that want to get you killed. Surprisingly, there are absolutely no TSA pat-down references. For the […]

The Awesomeness that is Army of Darkness Defense

You can’t possibly question it. Army of Darkness was one of my favorite cult classics. So when we discovered that Army of Darkness Defense was available on FREE TO DOWNLOAD for a limited time (as of this writing it still is!), there was no question about it: It was my turn to defend the Necronomicon. […]