6 Video Game Glitches That Are Too Funny For Words

game glitches

Can we please take a moment to talk about how effing awesome video glitches are? Keep in mind, when they break a game or keep you from finishing it, they are inexcusable (coughs, Bethesda, coughs). But in most cases, the glitches we get in modern gaming end up being a small coding glitch that ends […]

6 Things Hollywood Could Learn From Video Games Right Now


I want someone to tell me the last time Hollywood delivered something on the scale of Last Of Us? A movie that is, in all intents and purposes, epic and large, but still somehow intimate. Or think about the narrative arc in the Telltale Walking Dead games. When was the last time a film got […]

7 Brutal Death Scenes from Video Games

dead eye

Many aspects of gaming have changed and evolved over the years. From basic mechanics to visuals, one could say it is an ever-changing and evolving medium. One way games have really changed is their violence. Once upon a time, you would die in a game and your character would make a surprised face and fall […]

6 Video Game Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds


Do you remember the first time a video game threw a plot twist at you that just blew your mind? You sat there, holding the controller, dumbfounded. Plot twists and twist endings in movies and books were a common thing, but your first video game plot twist is something you will never forget or get […]

6 Video Game Bosses Who Haunt Our Nightmares


Video game bosses can be some of the most memorable parts of video games. There is just something awesome about falling lumbering beasts after hours of struggling to make it to them in the first place. And often, based on size and might alone, your chances of survival always seem slim. But there are some […]

6 Insane and Over-the-Top Video Game Endings


There is a very particular and specific sense of satisfaction a gamer gets when they beat a game. You feel like you just ran in the protagonists shoes for (usually) multiple hours. You feel like you drew their weapons when they did. You feel like you walked the gauntlet and survived. Often, you put the […]

Play 900 Classic Arcade Games on your Browser, Thanks to the Internet Arcade

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Great news for fans of the classic arcade games – you can get your classic arcade on, without even leaving the house. As of a couple days ago, anyone can play 900+ classic arcade games from the 70’s and 80’s on their browser (sans the quarters, of course) with the newly-launched Internet Arcade. The whole thing is brilliant […]