Your Gaming Laptop Has Nothing on the PS4 Laptop

How much did you spend on your gaming laptop? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve probably shelled out several thousands of dollars to ensure that your gaming experience doesn’t suffer the tiniest bit. I hate to burst your bubble, but here’s something way cooler than a regular gaming laptop: the PLAYBOOK 4, a PS4 […]

Walk Down Memory Lane With These Retro Battlestations

Did you know that video games were invented way back in 1958? We can thank Willy Higinbotham, a physicist no less, who created a video game played on an oscilloscope! It was like a pingpong game, so you can imagine how that went. Needless to say, video games have evolved into so much more, especially […]

Is Valve Making a Console?

A job opening posted to Valve’s website says very plainly that the company behind Half-Life and Portal is “jumping in” to the gaming hardware biz.

Ouya: The $99 Game Console That Could Change Everything

A fully-functional $99 video game console for TVs. All free-to-play games. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is the rule. But Ouya might be the exception.

Game Devs Underwhelmed by Wii U’s Horsepower

If you’re hoping for Nintendo’s Wii U console to have graphics on par with — or better than — Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, developers already working with the hardware say you should be prepared for disappointment.

Wii U Only as Powerful as Xbox 360?

Has there been a single console generation where Nintendo hasn’t held the “distant third place” title when it comes to horsepower? It’s starting to sound like the Wii U will be no different.

Uh-Oh: Nintendo Drops 3DS to $169.99

Nintendo has announced that the price of the 3DS portable game console is being dropped from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12th. If you do the math, that’s a 32% price cut for a console that’s less than 5 months old. Nintendo couldn’t have picked a louder way of announcing to the world that sales […]

XToaster360: Putting That Old Toaster to Good Use

Got an old toaster or two that is merely collecting dust in the corner? If you are a candidate for that reality TV series The Hoarders, then you might want to put one of those toasters to good use – just like what this guy who calls himself ncarouso11 did. Basically, he got a four-slice […]

OnLive: The 4th Major Console?

The OnLive service has been around for a while now, but this week the company unveiled a major overhaul of their service and hardware that should entice players in ways that can no longer be ignored. OnLive brings PC games to your television, essentially bridging the gap between PC games and TV-based consoles. Until now, […]

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Where I come from, the Christmas season starts when we hit the “-ber months”. That means at the stroke of midnight, on September 1, you will hear radio stations playing Christmas songs. Unbelievable, maybe, but true! I don’t know if you decorate for Christmas – I don’t. If I were to put up my own […]