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Have More Interesting Showers with These Twin Peaks Shower Curtains

Twin Peaks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who appreciate the TV show will defend and laud it to high heavens. If you’re a member of its cult fan base, then you will want to change your shower experience with these Twin Peaks shower curtains. One thing’s for sure – your hygiene […]

Money-Saving Geek Shopping Tips

What’s the definition of a geek again? It’s certainly evolved over time, and many will argue about what it really means to be a geek. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about being passionate about one (or two, or three) things; and usually, that passion also involves finding yourself spending way a […]

9 Health Problems the Geek Lifestyle May Cause

Everyone seems to be slightly obsessed concerned with health and fitness issues these days. I suppose one could say that it’s the in thing – from running to cross fit to trekking. Do geeks take part in this trend? I am not so sure, but there certainly are health problems that may arise from living […]

Gift Ideas for the Geek In your Life

Thinking up of gift ideas for geeks can be a lot of fun, especially if the person who will give the gift is a geek himself. Geek gifts are cool and if you’re a geek yourself, jut shopping around for a geek friend or relative is not so much a chore as a chance to […]

Geeks Versus Hipsters

I don’t know about you, but I have heard one too many people say they’re geeks of some sort, but I have not heard a single individual claim to be a hipster. If you think about it, proclaiming that you are a hipster – or a geek for that matter – can be enough to […]

Ascension Wedding Proposal

The popular deck building game, Ascension is no stranger at Forevergeek. So when we fond out that a certain Alan Gerding planned an Ascension Wedding Proposal to his girlfriend Crystol Shelton, we were absolutely delighted. Alan contacted Justin Gary’s crew asking for help. He wanted to do an elaborate wedding proposal during one of their […]

Home Security Innovations for Modern Living

How many of us secretly love showing off our gadgets but also fear to have it stolen? When I got my iPhone for the first time two years ago I almost didn’t dare take it out in public for fear of it being stolen, which happens rather often in the city. There are measures you […]

The Daily Routine of a Web Geek

While browsing the web and going through all my daily sites I come across a comic depicting exactly what I’m doing. As a matter of fact what I do everyday: check email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, feeds, statistics, news and all that over and over again between work. I’m sure everyone who needs internet to do […]

Geek Baby: Onesies and Bibs

My wife and I had our first child a month ago, and I’ve been on the constant search for cool things to do with my baby. See for dads – at least for me – the baby portion of life really isn’t very eventful. After all, I’m not the baby factory, and so I’m not […]

12 Tips for Buying Geek Christmas Presents

So you’ve a geek to buy presents for this Christmas? Abide by these twelve simple steps and you’re much more likely to get it right. 1. Features matter Given the choice between two similarly priced gadgets, one with more features and the other simply covered in crystals or other “precious” bling, you should definitely pick […]

Who's surprised that women geek out on tech too?

I had to laugh when I read the latest report from one of the UK’s leading electrical retailers. Comet’s “Tech Census” has found something ‘amazing’ — women are comfortable with gadgets as well as men. I know the stereotype is that guys know everything about consumer electronics, technology, the Internet and gadgets, while girls apparently […]

23 Geek-friendly Cufflinks

With party season approaching, everyone needs to turn their attention to looking a bit smart once in a while, and when you have to wear that dress shirt to a formal occasion, but still want to retain your geek credentials, these cufflinks may do the trick. 1. Mens Steampunk Cufflinks Watch Movement with Gears Details […]

Book Worship blog celebrates geeky book covers

Here’s a pretty amazing web site for anyone with any interest in old, geek-friendly book covers. Book Worship celebrates “graphically interesting” books from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, covering quite a lot of subjects including physics, sci-fi, maths, philosophy and fiction.

Geek The Library: My Idea Of Heaven

If you were to feel my heartbeat right now, you would be amazed. The moment I read the words “geek” and “library” in one phrase, I knew that I would find something to make me high. Just so you have the context – one of my dreams is to become a librarian. Yes, it is […]

Travel The World With The Geek Atlas

Traveling has become one of the most popular and coolest hobbies today. Because of this – or maybe the reason for this (is) – travel costs have gone down considerably. Whether you are a geek or not, travel is probably at the top of your list. And if you are looking for the most interesting […]

Aaron Ross Qwerty Bike Grips

Cool, nerdy bike handle grips by Aaron Ross. Notice the W/hip, Spin and Hop. No mention if CAPSLOCK is disabled or not.

Geeks are better in bed: it's official

As if we really needed it confirming, a new survey in Britain has found that tech workers are less selfish in bed (and no we’re not talking about stealing the duvet here) and more open to using sex toys. Apparently it’s those gym-going fitness freaks that are the most self-centered. The survey of over two-thousand […]

Sophie Johnson, Geek Girl, bids to become Miss Universe GB 2009

Meet Sophie. She’s a 21-year-old graduate of the University of Liverpool who graduated top of her 1000-strong year in Computer Information Systems, and is now bidding to become Miss Universe GB 2009. She’s being sponsored by Memset, the aim being that her involvement will encourage more women to get into the IT industry. “I could […]