Geeky Gifts to Put on Your Wish List

Your friends know you’re a geek, but if they don’t know how to shop for a geek, it can make for some pretty awkward birthdays and holidays. Alternatively, you might be a geek, but you might not be sure what to give to your friends/family members. Either way, why not take the guesswork out of […]

Controversial ‘Pulp’ Scene Blasts Star Wars

There’s a new indie movie coming called Pulp, a British comedy set in the geek world of comic books and conventions. Its trailer contains a scene in which an unlikeable cop named Tyler Jake rips Star Wars apart, and as you might suspect, it’s quite the button-pusher.

Brit Geeks Set “Longest Name” Record

You think you’re a geek? Okay, but are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? A pair of British geeks did, besting the world record for the longest name — and they did it by renaming themselves after famous superheroes and supervillains.

Google+ Geek

Clever designer Karen Hallion has created a T-shirt design that takes the friend “Circles” concept from Google+ and brings it firmly into geek territory.

Five Reasons Geek Culture Should Go Away – My Two Cents

Geek culture. It certainly is not new, but heck, I am still sometimes not sure what it is really supposed to be. I think it’s one of those things that can’t be easily pinned down. So I found this article titled “Five Reasons Geek Culture Should Go Away”, and quite understandably, it immediately caught my […]

The Ultimate Social Network for Geeks

Got GetGlue? If not, you should. If there’s one thing we geeks love to do, it’s talk about the pop culture stuff that we love and hate. GetGlue makes this super easy, making it the perfect social network for geeks. GetGlue is like Foursquare or Gowalla for, well… stuff. Instead of checking in at locations […]

The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements

Anyone who has had to go to chemistry class (practically all of us, I suppose) knows just how much fun the periodic table of elements can be. On the other hand, it can also be a fixture in one’s nightmares, especially when the time to sit for an exam comes. This guy, Russell Walks, has […]

Of Geek Culture And Brands

I love Geek Dads – they make being a geek cool, sexy, and sensible all at the same time. There’s this recent post that just got me staring off into space thinking. I am not a parent (yet) but their posts really get my brain working overtime. The post I am talking about is titled […]