7 New Geeky Cupcakes that Will Make You Drool

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Doctor Who Cupcakes Even Time Lords love cupcakes, and these Doctor Who cupcakes will certainly make them happy. It’s all about the toppers, which are made of fondant, making sure that the sweetest tooth is satisfied. For sure, you’re if you’re face with these geeky cupcakes, you’ll be saying “Exterminate!” at […]

Tater Tots That Let You Play Tetris

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Tetris? And who doesn’t enjoy munching down a bunch of tater tots? Now what if you combine those two together and have Tetris tater tots? I know we shouldn’t play with our food, but this is just too difficult to resist. Tetris tater tots are real, by the way, […]

7 Geeky Snacks You’ll Want to Eat All Day

Snacking is not good for you. It will ruin your appetite for the real, nutritious meal. That’s what parents say. But hey, I assume you’re old enough to make your own calls, and snacking really isn’t always bad – as long as it’s done in moderation, right? Then again, I have to say outright that […]

The Pi Cake Pan For a Geeky Christmas

Who likes to bake to melt away the stresses of daily life? I love to eat baked goodies, but I have never really tried baking myself. If, however, you and the oven have a good relationship, and you want your Christmas to have a geeky touch, then the Pi Cake Pan is the only thing […]

Eat Your Heart Out With These Awesomely Designed Macarons

I love food! I’m not nitpicky when it comes to presentation, but the more interesting things are, the better! When I say interesting, though, I don’t necessarily mean gross like the body parts bread I ran across a couple of months ago. I don’t mean overly cute creations either. These heart macarons, in my opinion, […]

Make Your Own Skyrim Sunlight Souffle

How many hours have you logged playing Skyrim? If my Twitter (and Facebook) feed is any indication, the enthusiasm of players have not lagged all that much since the game came out. I, unfortunately, have not had the chance to play it myself although I had my hands on the game a couple of weeks […]

Cooking for Geeks: How to Powderize Pepperoni [Bacon Too!]

Have you ever craved popcorn and pepperoni at the same time? I have had cravings for the weirdest things, but I have to be honest that I have never found myself wanting popcorn and pepperoni together. Then again, those flavors are not such a strange mix. It’s easy enough to understand. So what’s noteworthy about […]

Castles & Cooks: For Geeks Who Love Food

Other than fantasy stories, gadgets, and superheroes, what is the one other thing that you would geek out for? If asked that question, there really is only one answer I could give: food, glorious food! That is why I just had to write about Cooking for Geeks last year. How can you not get enthralled […]

Spice Up Your Party With A Steve Jobs Cheesehead

What in the world is a cheesehead? I suppose it is a perfect way to describe a block of cheese that has been carved into the shape of someone’s head. For the lack of a better word, I’m gonna stick with that term – try not to laugh every time you read it. Cheesehead. Anyhow, […]