This TARDIS Bookshelf Will Take You Places

Did you receive what you wanted for Christmas? Not to sow dissatisfaction among you, but I have a feeling that many gifts would pale in comparison to this handmade TARDIS bookshelf. Whovians who love to read (believe it or not, those two may actually be mutually exclusive) would definitely want to have their own time […]

Win a Geeky Stained Glass Piece From Nerd Glass!

Do you guys remember Nerd Glass? It’s the stained glass shop I wrote about last week, which features geeky/nerdy designs. While you (and I) may not be regular stained glass customers, there are a lot of good things that can be said about Judith Mascolo’s work AND even more can be said about Judith herself. […]

Theo Gray’s Periodic Table Table Will Make You Cry…

…in envy. That is, if you are like us, and you just can’t get enough of periodic tables. If you have been following us for a while, you’ve read about the world’s tiniest periodic table. We also have a nifty collection of the geekiest periodic tables you can possibly find. As cool as all other […]

Cool Keyboard Artwork That Will Make You Drool

Not everyone is capable of appreciating art, but even if you aren’t an art lover, I am pretty sure that this set of artwork will catch your eye! I ran across the collection at Walyou, where they featured 22 pieces. Here are some of the ones I liked the most. This computer chair is pretty […]