Must-Have Walking Dead Collectibles

How did you like the first episode of The Walking Dead? I really liked it, although I think the scoring was lacking. There were parts wherein the background music would have made a huge difference, but other than that, this season looks promising; and the zombie makeup was better. For fans of The Walking Dead, […]

DC Licensed Sexist Tees Bashed by Fans

Let’s admit it, anything sexist gets the attention of people. Some women get offended more easily than others. Some men laugh at it, while others agree with how distasteful things are – depending on the specific situation. In this particular case, DC licensed sexist tees are getting “fans” all riled up because, well, they are […]

With Great Pun Comes Great Responsibility

Editor’s note: This post was written by Travis Parker, the brains behind Hey, That’s Super! I grew up reading and falling in geek-love with some truly amazing comic book characters. Colossus, the man of steel with a heart soft as butter. Flash, who made me feel insanely slow in everything I ever did. Magneto, the man who […]

Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Jack of All Trades Clothing!

Hey, boys and girls. How does another superhero t-shirt giveaway sound to you? I’m going to go out on a limb here (NOT), and say you wouldn’t mind at all. This week, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate which you can use to purchase whatever you want from Jack of All Trades Clothing, […]

Doctor Who Merchandise: Wear It Loud and Proud!

Also USE. There is no lack of Doctor Who merchandise online and offline, and you can find anything from t-shirts to home stuff to bathrobes to bags. Just looking for Doctor Who items makes me dizzy because of all the choices. You’re probably experiencing the same thing, so I’ve done a bit of legwork for […]

Shirt Battle Giveaway: 5 Geek Tees Up For Grabs!

If you’re running out of clean tees because, you know, doing laundry’s such a drag, this week’s giveaway is something you’d really want in on. We’re giving away five geek tees from Shirt Battle, one of the funner t-shirt sites out there. What do they do? Basically, they hold weekly battles between the world’s best […]

We’re Giving Away 5 Tees From TeeFury!

TeeFury is no stranger to to tee-loving geeks, and truth be told, they have some of the best designs out there, not to mention perhaps the largest collection you can geek out on any time you wish to do so. Because we love you guys, and because TeeFury has been so generous, we are giving […]

Giveaway: 3 Anime Tees From Boomslank

One can never have too many tees, don’t you think? And, if they’re as cool-looking as these anime tees by Boomslank, you definitely want to have more than one in your closet. You know, so you can bring along a spare one after playing laser tag. You may be wondering where the name came from, […]

Win a Sesame Street Fighter Tee!

Practically everyone in my generation grew up on Sesame Street. Any mention of Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Snuffaluffagus immediately brings back wonderful memories of childhood. Then came puberty. Sesame Street probably was pushed to one side to be replaced by something with a little more oomph. I don’t know about you, but Street […]

Win Geek Tees From Fresh Brewed Tee

Geek tees will never get old. At least that’s what I think, and with fandoms becoming bigger and bigger, I think that we’re only bound to see more – and better – geek tees out there. We’ve discovered a (relatively) new site that caters to geeks who love to wear tees that show off things/shows/people […]