From EU to Canon: 9 Star Wars Things George Lucas Didn’t Create

George Lucas may have created Star Wars, but there are plenty of elements dreamed up by others for books, games, comics, and more that Lucas decided to incorporate into official Star Wars canon. Wondering what parts of Star Wars didn’t come from him?

George Lucas to Give Disney Sale Money to Charity

All 4 billion dollars of it! Well, not all, but most of it. I don’t know how you reacted to the news that Disney is buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, but I am sure you’ve seen all the silly images about Princess Leia turning Disney princess, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse finding out they’re siblings […]

Disney Is Buying Lucasfilm! 7th Star Wars Film in 2015!

Holy spaceballs!! George Lucas is selling Lucasfilm — including everything Star Wars — to Disney for $4 billion! And Disney is already planning Star Wars: Episode VII!!

George Lucas is Hanging it Up

A fascinating new interview with Star Wars mastermind George Lucas finds him finally — and rather bitterly — speaking out against his fanboy detractors who have been tearing him a new one over his endless fiddling with the original trilogy. And he’s not making any more blockbusters, ever.

George Lucas Is Screwing With Star Wars Again

You’d think George had learned his lesson after all the changes he made to the Star Wars Trilogy’s “Special Editions,” and then again with the DVD releases. But it seems that Lucas still wasn’t satisfied, and had to go and change some small-but-significant things for the upcoming Blu-ray releases.

Star Wars Blu-ray Details

George Lucas just keeps milking his cash cow (to death), and we just keep drinking his milk(shake). I love mixed metaphors. Anyhow, Lucasfilm today announced that the entire Star Wars saga will arrive on high-definition Blu-ray on September 12th all over the world, except for North America, which will be getting it on September 16th. […]

Jon Stewart takes on George Lucas!

It’s the cage match of the century! If anybody can make George Lucas answer for his sins with the prequel Star Wars trilogy, it’s the one-man-army that is Jon Stewart. After all, Stewart makes more people squirm by nailing them for their stupidity — on camera — than anybody else on television. But okay, this […]

Cute, cuddly Star Wars cartoon coming

Word broke today that George Lucas is planning another animated Star Wars television series — only this one will be targeted at kids kindergarten age and younger. Apparently there’s this line of toys for little tykes called Star Wars Galactic Heroes that features cutesy action figures that look like caricature cartoon versions of all the […]

Admiral Ackbar for Mascot

If I had to choose one Star Wars character to be my best friend, I’d pick Admiral Ackbar. Sure, it might get kinda sketchy, what with him saying everything is a trap and all that, but if he kept me from getting tricked just once, I’d be alright. Fact is with his giant yellow eyes […]