Win a 3-Month Subscription From Narwhal Bacon Box and Receive Geeky Surprises Monthly!

Narwhal Bacon Box

They got me at Narwhal! Or Bacon. Both, actually. One can’t ask for a better combination. Unless it’s unicorn and bacon perhaps. But since the narwhal is the unicorn of the sea… I’ll stop myself right here before I get carried away, and get to the point. What is Narwhal Bacon Box? You may have […]

Win Premium Minifig Accessories from Brick Warriors!

lego minifig accessories

How’s your LEGO minifig collection doing? Are you looking to customize and accessorize them more? I guess that was kind of stupid of me to ask that question, but here’s something that will delight AFOLs. We’ve partnered up with the awesome guys at BrickWarriors, a small (5 people!) toy company based out of Wilmington, Delaware […]

Geeky Bow Tie Giveaway – the Doctor Approves

Bow ties are cool

Bow ties are cool. Never doubted that for one minute after hearing – seeing? – the 11th. If you’re not particularly keen on the 11th Doctor (c’mon now), check these out. You’ll probably change your mind. And even when he was saying goodbye…(tears) As sad as that goodbye may have been, get that chin up. […]

Get This Uber Cute Totoro T-Shirt for FREE (3 Up for Grabs!)

totoro t-shirt giveaway

Who doesn’t like My Neighbor Totoro? If you’re one of them, sorry, this isn’t your day. We have always declared our love for Totoro – check out this Totoro Baby Bouncer and Totoro Dress – and when the guys at Threadless (which everyone knows about) showed us the cutest t-shirt we’ve seen in a while…well, this is […]

Win a $50 GC From Geek Shop “Neurons Not Included”


“Accoutrements of Exceptional Geekery” and “Purveyors of thoughtful things for those with IQs higher than a ham sandwich – which rules out a surprisingly large percentage of the population.” How can you not want to check out a store with those taglines? The name “Neurons Not Included” should be enough, actually. “Neurons Not Included” is […]

FIVE Ocarina of Time Replicas from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition Up for Grabs!

ocarina of time giveaway

If you didn’t win the Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map from Neutral Ground, here’s your chance to get free Zelda stuff. We know just how much you guys love swag, and we’re all lucky to have very generous people who provide ForeverGeek readers awesome gizmos and gadgets. This week, we’re giving away not one, not two, not even […]

Score ‘The President’s Shadow’ by Brad Meltzer, a $100 Visa GC, and More!


Happy Monday, bookworms! We have something for you that will make your week. If you like reading thrillers, then you’ll love Brad Meltzer’s Culper Ring series: The Inner Circle, The Fifth Assassin, and The President’s Shadow. The first two have been published – critically acclaimed, no less. The last one will be released on the […]

Win a Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map [Giveaway]

Woodlands Hyrule 01_Web

Zelda-obsessed ForeverGeek fans, this is one collectible you will want to get your hands on! The iconic setting in most Zelda games, Hyrule is probably your happy place, with its awe-inspiring beauty and diverse environments. No doubt you’ve spent many a night (or day) dreaming about it. With this week’s giveaway, you can have Hyrule […]