This is How Real Superheroes Work Out: Watch Arrow’s Stephen Amell

Okay, so Stephen Amell may not be Green Arrow in real life, but I think he does a splendid job in the TV series. His inner struggles are indeed turning him into a dark Green Arrow, and it seems that we’re going to see him go even darker in the next season. We’ve been seeing […]

11 Superhero Movies That Never Escaped Development Hell

With all of the great superhero movies that there have been, there’ve been quite a few stinkers as well. And then there have been some that never made it before cameras — both promising sounding scripts and some that were so very, very bad. Here are 11 superhero films that might have been.

The Return To Greatness Of Green Arrow, and Army Of Darkness not so much.

J. T. Krul, who impressed me so much with his handling of the Titans in his Blackest Night mini has returned the Emerald Archer (in one single issue) to the levels of greatness of the eighty issue Mike Grell series of the late Eighties. Where as let’s face it, the Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness mythos (and Ash most definitely) is not and never has been ‘great’.

Rebirth of Arsenal

Speedy never knew where he really belonged. Was he a super-hero or an intelligence agent? Avenger of the streets or junkie?