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Guilty Crown vs Sword Art Online

Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online are two anime that cater to the same demographic (male teens) and feature roughly equal amounts of action and flirting. Both have a young male protagonist who is thrust into battle and becomes the most powerful character. They also both have a strong female character that later ends up […]

Guilty Crown Review

One of the more popular anime in the last several months was undoubtedly Guilty Crown. Produced by Aniplex and Production I.G., Guilty Crown is a 22 episode sci-fi drama centered around a teenage boy named Shu Ouma. In the near future, Japan is recovering from a near-apocalyptic event which took place 10 years ago, known as […]

Guilty Crown – Riding on Waves of Success

One of the new anime airing this season is Guilty Crown, a series I admire for its ability to take an overused plotline and make it enjoyable. Guilty Crown is set to be 22 episodes and is produced by Production I.G. The story takes place 10 years after the outbreak of a deadly virus in Japan. During […]