20 Awesome Avengers Mashups

The Avengers is the movie of the year, one of the biggest hits of all time, and now a huge bestseller on home video. Check out how some fans celebrate their love of The Avengers and other geeky franchises.

Halo Live Action Series Starts Right Here, Right Now

Microsoft’s big-budget, live action series made to promote Halo 4 debuts today, and you can watch it right after the jump.

Halo 4 Introduces the Forerunners

The Forerunners are the ancient, highly advanced species that created the Halos. For the first time, players are about to come face-to-face with them, in Halo 4.

Live-Action Halo Web Series Coming

Lest you go five minutes without thinking about it, the Halo 4 promotion machine is about to kick into high gear. Just announced: a live-action web series that represents Microsoft’s biggest investment in live action. Ever.

Weekly Poll: Favorite Scifi Universe?

[polldaddy poll=5883290] Last week we picked your brain about your favorite fantasy world. This week, science fiction gets its day. What’s your favorite scifi universe, and why?

The Halo Movie We Deserve

So, yeah. A Halo movie. Pipe dream, right? When it comes to Hollywood, it sure seems that way. But the game’s legion of fans aren’t willing to sit around and wait for Hollywood to get in the game. Gamer Philip Kang (no relation to the Conqueror or the Klingon) created this incredible, 22-minute epic using […]

Next Best Thing to a Real Halo Movie

Neill Blomkamp’s big-budget Halo movie isn’t happening anytime soon. But one group of dedicated Halo fans decided not to sit around and fret of this unfortunate state of affairs. So they pooled their resources to create Helljumper, a forthcoming web series that looks good enough for Hollywood.

Review: Halo Anniversary

The original Halo was a transformative moment in console gaming. It’s singlehandedly responsible for launching the Xbox as a platform, as well as proving the viability of Xbox Live. Bungie’s magnum opus has gotten a major facelift just in time for its tenth anniversary, and it’s still just as fun as you remember.

Halo’s Living Monument to the Master Chief

Oh, Microsoft. You and your oddball marketing campaigns.

Halo: Anniversary Trailer Showcases the New School Old School

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxwxxem_wX4 Despite the high-res textures, character models with way more polygons, and all kinds of other upgraded technology on display in this trailer, there’s still something decidedly retro about the look and feel of Halo: Anniversary.