Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Geeks


Many people dream of a romantic diner by candlelight and a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. Your geek usually can be satisfied with much less: a pack of Mountain Dew cans, free pizza delivery and small gizmos. But what does your geek REALLY want? Usually your geek also has some ‘out of the world’ […]

HP Mini 1000

I was viewing my podcasts this morning when from CNet’s gadget review shows I saw the HP Mini 1000 review. Quite impressive piece of engineering here, looks like HP has learned a lot from the early netbook developers and well ironed out some of the “flaws” to birth the HP Mini 1000. Heard from Veronica […]

Apple announces revamped iPod line


Apple’s Let’s Rock event has finished and Steve Jobs did not disappoint in announcing new revamps in its mammoth bestseller iPod line. The announcements have been across the board with all of the iPod products. First is that the iPod Classic now has just a single model, the 120GB. The new model though is much […]

Quad SLI video card(s) from NVIDIA

Here’s something gamers are likely to drool over. Nviida has combined four GeForce 7900 graphics processing units on an nForce4 SLI motherboard to produce Quad SLI technology for PCs. Nvidia says the graphics horsepower generated in a PC using Quad SLI technology allows gamers to set their monitors to extreme HD resolutions, including 2560×1600. Now […]

Which Bluetooth mouse is the best

Pretty soon here I’m going to go out and buy a Mac Mini, and I’m going to equip it from scratch: new keyboard, monitor, and speakers. My mind is made up on all of those items but I know nothing about Bluetooth mice. After conducting a little research, I’m leaning towards the Logitech MX900. Reviews […]