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EXCLUSIVE Transformers Prime Art

Transformers fans: check out these gorgeous exclusive stills from this Friday’s pivotal episode of Transformers Prime. You won’t find them anywhere else.

‘Fall of Cybertron’ Spawns Transformers Toy Line

More news out of Toy Fair in NYC: a whole bunch of Transformers toys have been inspired by the forthcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game. Does this vote of confidence from Hasbro mean we’re finally getting a killer Transformers game?

Battleship Galaxies: A classic game with a futuristic twist

I got what I wanted for Christmas. I’ve always been curious about a 2011 re-issue of Battleship but my mind was blown when Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast took the classic game I used to play when I was a kid and added a lot more depth into a foray in outer space. Battleship […]

Hasbro My3D Handheld Viewer for iOS devices. A high-tech View-Master

As a child many of you probably enjoyed a great deal of time with Hasbro’s View-Master, I know I did.  The device, since retails sales of the device began in 1939, has been a toy providing hours of fun for those desiring to view 3-D images on paper disks inserted into the View-Master.  Starting April […]

Meet The Decepti-Cobra Obliterator. This Is What Happens When Transformers Fans Are Bored

The picture above of the Decepti-Cobra Obliterator may look like the ultimate in Hasbro Transformers technology, but sadly this monstrosity of awesomeness was not thought up by the toy team at Hasbro or by the cartoons creators, but rather Transformers fan Jean-Paul Lesperance, who goes by the name Dr. Vile. The giant Transformers toy features […]