Bang! The Bullet gets EPIC update for iOS


Many weeks ago we reviewed Bang! The Bullet. This app never made it to the top list of Apple apps for download but among a huge niche of board game geeks, Bang! is definite favorite. Recently, Palzoun & SpinVector released a much needed update that not only incudes the Dodge City Expansion set, it also […]

bloggie™ Camera

Sony bloggie camera

One of Sony’s latest products is a full HD camcorder with funky colors that fits in your pockets, the bloggie™ Camera. I would buy the camera for its name, format and colors only. I never had a gadget specific for video recording, the bloggie seems a nice one to buy for the first time. The […]

TouchCam N1: improving online communication

TouchCam N1

faceVsion together with Skype is releasing a new HD webcam on the market. What makes this webcam different then other webcams is the fact that they handle their own encoding and processing. You will still need a fast computer and broadband internet though to take full advantage of High Definition webcam images. The TouchCam N1 […]

Venturer HD camcorder: rugged HD video capture


Pocket-sized video cameras capable of shooting in full high definition video are fairly common now, with the Flip Mino HD probably one of the best known, and most celebrity endorsed, but there are other, cheaper, more versatile options on the market too. Take the Venturer HD camcorder. It’s still small, but it is built into […]

WipEout HD Set Back Due To Epilepsy Fears


It may not be common knowledge, but apart from the video games ratings, part of the testing that electronic has to go through is related to epilepsy and other seizure-inducing medical problems.  Naturally, if a video game cannot pass these tests then it is deemed to not be suitable for general sale.  You may have […]