Hipster Flashcards by Emma Cook

Hipster Flash Cards

Got kids? Are they ready to to learn the English alphabet? Do you have this irresistible urge to shape your kids’ preferences by making sure they know all about what’s cool today? (Even though what we consider cool will probably be totally square by the time your kids grow up.) Whether you consider yourself a […]

The Hipster Owner’s Manual

The Hipster

DISCLAIMER: For information purposes only. I am not implying that anyone here is a hipster, nor am I casting any judgement on anyone who may be. I cannot and will not deny that we have taken digs at this label a couple of times. (Check out How Hipsters Stole the Geek Mojo and Geeks Versus […]

Geeks Versus Hipsters

Geek Versus Hipster

I don’t know about you, but I have heard one too many people say they’re geeks of some sort, but I have not heard a single individual claim to be a hipster. If you think about it, proclaiming that you are a hipster – or a geek for that matter – can be enough to […]

How Hipsters Stole the Geek Mojo

Justin Bieber Hipster

(Or, how “geek chic” has somehow become mainstream.) Geeks are, by definition, an obsessive lot, seizing onto one or more hobbies, television shows, movies, etc. with a frightening passion. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have at least one geek obsession. In fact, I’d wager you have several. Geeks of old were the […]