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Superhero Rock Stars Take Center Stage

If ever there would be a time where aspiring to be a groupie would actually become culturally acceptable, my guess is it’s when it would involve superhero rock stars. They already have the talent and skill to do extraordinary things. It’s pretty logical that these extra ‘extras’ would make damn fine musicians. Super artist Andrés Moncayo designed […]

The Best Sidekicks in Comics

Over the long and colorful history of comic books, superhero sidekicks have been almost as ubiquitous as costumes. Once mere stand-ins for the audience and a sounding board for the hero, some sidekicks have even inherited their mentor’s super alter ego. Here are our choices for the six top sidekicks in comics today. Nightwing As […]

Who Pulled Off the Superhero Look Best?

From Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill. Who was the best human to portray Superman? Pitting Michael Keaton against Christian Bale. Who comes up on top? Who pulled off the superhero look best? The guys at Direct2tv have created an infographic pitting human actors (and then some) against each other in order to determine who did […]

2012 Movies Carved Into Pumpkins

Let’s hear it for the movies of 2012! Talented pumpkin carvers are commemorating their favorite movies of the year in jack o’ lantern form. And here they are.

First Look: ‘Marvel Heroes’ MMO

Gamers seem to have strong feelings about the upcoming MMO, Marvel Heroes. Let’s see if those feelings are strengthened or changed based on this very first look at the game in action. Plus: a complete list of all playable Marvel heroes that we know about so far.

The All-CG ‘Avengers’ End Title Sequence

Coolness! Visual effects house Method Studios created the “main-on-end” title sequence that plays immediately after The Avengers ends (but right before the much-discussed prologue). And they’ve posted their work online, in its entirety, so you can truly appreciate their painstaking attention to detail. (Note: this post contains no spoilers.)

7 Avengers Infographics

This morning I sat down to work and thought to myself, “What do I want to write about today?” Only one thing is on my mind, and it’s drowning out all other thoughts: The Avengers! Just can’t get that brilliant movie out of my head. If you’re craving more Avengers goodness like me, here are […]

Sure Wish This Avengers Game Hadn’t Been Cancelled

Based on this leaked in-game footage, it looks like a studio owned by THQ was hip-deep in development on a video game tie-in to next summer’s The Avengers movie. But the game has been seemingly canceled since THQ shuttered the studio last month. Sad news made all the sadder once you watch the awesomeness on […]

Marvel’s High-End Kitchenware

Marvel’s Disney-fied empire just keeps on growing. The latest frontier in their quest for global domination? The kitchen, courtesy of high-end cookware maker Williams-Sonoma.

23 Cool Superhero Tattoos

We’ve always loved tattoos – just can’t seem to get enough of them!  Of course, when speaking of tatts, we cannot overlook those of superheroes.  After all, there is a plethora of them out there.  Not all of them are tasteful or nice, that is true, but here is the result of hours of scouring […]

Hulk And Cloak And Dagger TV Shows Being Mulled Over By ABC

A few weeks ago I reported that Wonder Woman was rumored for a return to TV with a new look and feel, now I’m excited to learn that ABC is taking a serious look at a new Hulk Series and ABC Family is looking at a first launch for a live action version of Cloak […]

House of Hulk (and other retractions)

With what promised to be an excellent series, Marvel Universe vs The Punisher had a rather disappointing end with this week’s #4. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected more, but I enjoyed the earlier issues so much that I really had raised my hopes. Even the Punisher being defeated would have been better than the […]

Bangladesh Makes The Worst Hulk Movie "Ripoff" Ever!!! [Video]

There’s a new “Hulk movie” coming out in Bangladesh called HALKa, which I assume is the companies way of defeating copyright issues (although the Hulk “replica” doesn’t help), while still letting potential viewers know it’s based on a similar premise  to the original. One thing that stand out? This movie may truly be the worst […]

Hulkpool? Give me strength!

One of the most contrived and cheesey plots I have seen for a long time.I loved every minute of it.

Joss Whedon and The Avengers

That sound you’re hearing? Choirs of fanboys singing. This might be the greatest news to ever come out of geekdom. Joss Whedon, one of the most celebrated and respected (and geeky) wordsmiths of our time, is going to be directing Marvel Studios’ big-budget superhero mashup, The Avengers. As you probably know, The Avengers is combining the stars of Marvel’s […]

Your Next Captain America is the Human Torch

The long hunt is finally over. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next person to play Captain America in Marvel’s latest project is Chris Evans. How do you know him? Well, he’s “that guy” from Not Another Teen Movie, the lead character in Push, and of course, the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four Series. […]

State of the Multiverse 70

It’s not new to have a hero on the run, pursued by former allies and the forces of the law. It is a little newer for said hero to actually be guilty of whatever they have been accused of I suppose, but not tremendously so. What a disappointing consequence to what was actually an excellent series.

State of the Multiverse 67

Nemesis – The Impostors #1 was released this week by DC, and I am pleased to say that it contains the same level of crazy that was found in Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape. There remains the same mechanism of staccato storytelling, jumping from scene to scene, forward and backward in time until you manage to […]

Marvel Televisions – Yes, You Read That Correctly

You know, I’ve been saying to all my friends for years now, “Why don’t they make a hi-def TV with my favorite Marvel comic book characters on it?” Guess what? They’ve finally done it.It’s like the peanut butter and chocolate combination of this century. That’s right, Marvel Comics has teamed up with RTC23, to release […]